25 RANDOM THINGS about me ^_^

  • art_smass

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    Feb 09, 2009 3:04 AM GMT
    Mine's from my Facebook page, too.

    1: My favourite food is fruitcake.

    2: I'm always surprised when someone tells me that I look good. I have some irrational body dysmorphia issues.

    3: I joined MENSA in the 80s just to get the membership card and to brag that I passed the test.

    4: I have a moral aversion to credit. After finally getting out of debt this past year, I've decided that the road to Hell is paved in credit cards.

    5: Beyonce's voice makes me homicidal.

    6: I'm super-sensitive when it comes to being brushed-off. I have a hard time forgiving friends who take me for granted, and I never forget when they have.

    7: I teared up when Harper's Bazaar called me to offer me a job. It was the proudest moment of my life. Just the evening before I was watching Grace Kelly read Bazaar on Jimmy Stewart's couch in Rear Window, while thinking to myself that I'd never seen anything so glamorous in my life.

    8: The smell of popcorn makes me nauseous.

    9: I can fit my whole fist into my mouth.

    10: I twice ate a Chia Pet onstage as part of a performance art piece.

    11: I'll never forget the day that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the moon were all visible in the evening sky for about fifteen minutes. It was a once in a lifetime thing, and I'd rather measure the special moments in my life by how rare and wonderful they are then by evaluating their material worth.

    12: I'm really, really into bird watching.

    13: I have no desire to own a car. I do my best thinking on my feet.

    14: Nothing ruins my day quite like getting out of bed before I'm ready to get out of bed. I don't know how other people can live when they're sleep-deprived.

    15: I do anything to be on a reality show.

    16: I am probably the least-sympathetic person I know, and I'm trying hard to be more compassionate toward stupid idiots who do stupid, idiotic things.

    17: I wish I had more male friends. I seem to get along well with women, but their neediness drives me crazy.

    18: I've never gone swimming in the ocean.

    19: My first impression of anyone is formed when I look at their fingernails.

    20: I've been a vegetarian since 1985.

    21: I start all emails with "Dear . . .". I'm a stickler for those sort of formalities.

    22: Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than being in loud, noisy places. I want to punch people when they scream in public.

    23: I haven't been able to eat yogurt since I was a teenager. I was eating Yoplait yogurt one day when I found a large beetle in my mouth.

    24: I strongly believe that no one has ever offered me a job that has been equivalent to my worth as an employee. People take advantage of my sense of responsibility all the time.

    25: I'm always delighted when people drop over to my house unexpectedly.
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    Feb 09, 2009 3:41 AM GMT
    1.) I chew every pen I can get my hands on.

    2.) I hate it when people drive over the cross walk. Thats mine to use asshole.

    3.) I used to have alot of curly hair but my genetic makeup kicked in way early.

    4.) I used to be super obsessed with my sidekick phone. RIP sidekick.

    5.) My favorite thing about New York is napping in Central Park.

    6.) Dance saved my life.

    7.) I live by W.W.M.D...What Would Madonna Do? Not really...ok, kinda.

    8.) I'm really flexible for someone of my stature. Even more than most female dancers.

    9.) Buffalo Exchange is where my heart is.

    10.) Hamilton Family Diner (Ham Fam) located in Allentown, Pa has the
    BEST fries. Period.

    11.) I cry thinking about how much my brothers and sisters have grown up.

    12.) I'm terribly shy and self concious and have a hard time talking to guys.

    13.) I try really hard to not judge homeless people. But these philly ones

    14.) I'm pissed they blew a bunch of money on a Phillies Parade but Mayor Nutter says he has no money to keep Philadelphia libraries open.

    15.) My favorite snacks are my greens! Asparugus, brusselsprouts or spinach. No lie.

    16.) People think I'm always mad because I walk around with a mug. Really, my mind is just going a million miles a minute. I'm nice, say hi.

    17.) I compare myself way too much to other guys and compete with them and myself. I know its the reason I dont have any gay male friends.

    18.) I have a tattoo of a pheonix on my right shoulder blade. Its represents the people who helped me in my life. Anytime I'm feelin' blue, I remember I have it and all the love those people gave me and I'm right back up.

    19.) I miss waking up on saturday mornings and watching cartoons with heaping bowl of cereal with my brother.

    20.) I'm going to Disney in March for the first time and I'm more excited about leaving the cold Northeast for a week than meeting Mickey.

    21.) I have a drooling problem as of late. I just start to space out and *drool

    22.) I wish I was born with green eyes

    23.) No matter how bad my day was, going to the gym makes me feel accomplished every time.

    24.) Growing up, I was constantly told I wasn't enough of anything. I was'nt "latin" enough, boyish enough, or cute enough. I think this caused some slight problems.

    25.) I'm really glad/scared/unsure/happy of the fact that I've stopped beating myself up as much as I used to. I would critique myself to the point that I never got anything done or try anything new.
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    Feb 16, 2009 6:20 AM GMT
    Sean_85 said
    Sedative saidI happen to know it's spelled Raichu. icon_wink.gif


    *Sends thunderbolts in your general direction..* Smart ass icon_lol.gif

    Well I happen to know that he only evolves with the use of a thunderstone, and that he has a really high special attack stat.

    But that has nothing to do with the fact that I might be revisiting one of those games in my spare time.

    I mean...

  • dfrourke

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    Feb 16, 2009 7:47 AM GMT

    This isn't 25 things...but it's a start:


    My family has been one of the biggest sources of support and strength for me. I am blessed to have such amazing individuals in my life that have been given to me for life.

    I'm a performer. Always have been - always will be.

    Although I am outgoing, I find myself more and more easily being entertained by myself.

    I laugh everyday - at something [lately my dog]

    I don't do sadness - not even a little bit. Don't get me wrong - I cry, I can express loss, but I don't do sadness.

    I have a good group of friends. They are strong friends. Long term friends. However, sometimes I put too much expectation on our friendship.

    I find life strange. The last couple of years, I have really tried to listen more closely to the universe to understand what it has in store for me. It speaks to me louder than it has before, but many things still remain a mystery to me.

    I'm fairly self-actualized. I'm difficult. I'm loving. I have an amazing amount of willpower - I sometimes don't understand those who don't.

    I have a growing set of patience.

    I've always felt that music was the best expression of my feelings. I listen to music that I can relate to. Musical Theater is a direct line to my soul.

    I have been really fortunate that most of the people in my life who love and cared for me are still in my life. I've only lost a few people who really feel absent in my life.

    Love - hmmmmm. I know love. I have felt love. I have given and received it.

    Romantic Relationships - [see life is strange]. Honestly, this used to be a bit of a disappointment. Not as much these days. I want [not need] the relationship that lasts a life time. I feel fear about this area of my life and many times have to talk myself down to a reasonable plane of existence. Fear is what keeps me moving forward on this topic.

    Finances - I have made more mistakes in this one area than any other. But I also see the greatest improvement and do not feel any shame in telling my story as it pertains to the lessons learned.

    I still have a stubborn and defensive streak which means I have to work really hard to not take things personally. I'm getting better at this!

    My mantra: Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Kind.

    Although I do enjoy new things, I find myself much less of a reckless risktaker - and try to avoiid those who are still in that phase of life.

    I've always seen myself as an educator - in just about everything I do. My patience level is helping that much more these days.

    I really enjoy my job [not everything]. I have tried to move away from having this be the one major identifier for me.

    - David icon_wink.gif
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    Feb 16, 2009 8:16 AM GMT
    1: I dislike raisens.
    2: I had raisen bran for breakfast. icon_confused.gif
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    May 28, 2012 6:24 AM GMT

    1. If this is so people can find out more about me, I can't imagine there isnt anything you dont already know, I'm over-talkative to begin with!!

    2. Hmmm, I think licorice (drop for all you Dutchies) doesnt go well with Coca-Cola...

    3) No matter how many times you tell someone you love them, they just keep on wanting to hear it again and again ...

    4) I exasparate everyone, everybody exasparates me...

    5) My brain is a sponge for random facts, I didnt know everything, but I know more than the average person..

    6) My first conscious memory is a toy lego train, I was obsessed with lego trains all through my toddler years, and I would have everything work on electricity...

    7) Sadly my interest in technology stopped there: I wouldnt know how to work a bloody i-pod: I hate computers....

    8 ) I like bikes, including motorbikes, I love how you are connected with the earth, the wind and everything around you. I hate cars because they make me feel I am in a room surrounded by moviescreens and you're completely cut off from the real world...

    9) I like windsurfing, for the same reasons: connected with the elements...

    10) I procrastinate like crazy, though I am not lazy, it takes a long time for me to start up on a task...

    11) I dont like sitting stil...

    12) Classrooms put me to sleep, my attention seriously shuts down within seconds, probably a tendency to ADD...

    13) If I'm not asked to physically participate in the world around me, either with a kinetic or a verbal response, I begin to daydream and completely forget where I am...

    14) In psychological analysis: i'm what people call: "schizoid"-personality trait: tendency to flee into the spiritual, or "mind"-realms in response to insecurity...

    15) I'm a sheep/goat/cancer. Though in Nepali calendar I'm something else entirely, whatever...

    16) I could be a Tarot card reader easy,but never an astrologer. But scientifically, the latter has been proven, the former has not, there goes my scientific approach!

    17) I like looking at the stars, or other heavenly bodies

    18 ) The ocean is like my Mother Goddess: she gives us life, she can take it away!!!

    19) Nothing makes me enjoy myself better and be happier than to be busy with food: growing it in my yard, preparing it in the kitchen, or eating it...

    20) I like taking traditional drugs like in shaman and hindu religions, not too much of them, but I find it a good brain-exercise to keep focused and communicate with spirits. Recreational use is OUT.

    21) Art... is one of the best things of being human...

    22) I am obsessed with spirits, religion, mythology, and the eternal human battle between good and evil, man and woman, heaven and earth. To me, that dichotomy is the true epitome of he paradox of human nature and his existence.

    23) I've been all over the world, and I am always overcome with immense joy and love when I see humans and the way they live, and how we are essentially the same everywhere, we sing, tell stories, prepare food, create art, worship, play games...

    24) I love animals and it sickens me when people go around debasing other living things... My dream is to have a farm when I am old, and yes, I will keep insects and predatory birds as well....

    25) Sometimes I think I should have been a zookeeper...
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    May 28, 2012 6:34 AM GMT
    tasty_oblivion said

    4. I hate the word rendezous! (come on man! just look at that fucked up spelling!).

    Um hate to be a grammar Nazi and I know its why its one of your most hated words but you spelt it wrong... Rendezvous...
  • CuriousJockAZ

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    May 28, 2012 7:05 AM GMT
    1) I was born in Oklahoma

    2) I have a habit of biting my fingernails

    3) I rarely ever eat vegetables because I don't really like them

    4) I have a deathly fear of heights, and I really hate flying (but I do it)

    5) Also afraid of anything rodent-like

    6) My dad was in the military, so technically I grew up in Oklahoma, Denver, Hawaii, and Colorado Springs

    7) My Dad served in Vietnam when I was in 7th Grade

    8 - My parents divorced when I was in 10th grade

    9) I had two twin brothers that died at birth

    10) I played tennis competitively from age 8 thru high school

    11) I love songwriting as a hobby, but play no instruments, and have never had a music lesson

    12) My job in high school in Colorado was a ski instructor on Pike's Peak

    13) I once had my fortune read at a Beverly Hills Christmas Party on the lap of a fortune teller with me on one of his knees and Elizabeth Taylor on the other

    14) I'm allergic to cats

    15) I absolutely refuse to eat liver, brussel sprouts, green peas, lima beans, or beets

    16) I once shared a mirror with Madonna in a West Hollywood aerobics class

    17) PARAMOUNT made a movie based on my senior year of college called "Campus Man" produced by the same man who produced "TITANIC". Unfortunately, "Campus Man" performed more like the ship, NOT the movie.

    18 - I rode in the limo with Milli Vanilli the night they won The Grammy award, and also stood with them at the press conference when they gave it back.

    19) I'm proud to have FINALLY done something "green" by purchasing an electric Chevy Volt.

    20) I think I have only truly been in love once

    21) I've been in TWO celebrity car crashes -- one I rear-ended Debra Winger, the other was rear-ended by Jennifer Jason Leigh

    22) I have a serious case of A.D.D. and have to write down everything i need to do or I forget it.

    23) I find desserts irresistible

    24) One of my favorite times of the day is that first sip of morning coffee

    25) I must have too much time on my hands to be participating in this thread doing 25 random things about me.
  • LJay

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    May 28, 2012 7:13 AM GMT
    Where can I get an electric motor for the scrolling wheel on my mouse?
  • CuriousJockAZ

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    May 28, 2012 7:13 AM GMT
    LJay saidWhere can I get an electric motor for the scrolling wheel on my mouse?

  • TonyToneTC

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    May 28, 2012 7:25 AM GMT
    hmm...oh well, here it is icon_biggrin.gif

    1. I am very traditional in my cultural background
    2. I speak 14 languages
    3. Learning to become a Shaman
    4. I am attracted to all kinds of people, it doesn’t matter (men and women)
    5. My favorite color is Blue, Red, Black, and white
    6. Love all kind of music; folk, jazz, hip-hop, religious, soul etc.
    7. My favorite Poet: Edgar Allan Poe
    8. Lover of all cultures and Languages around the Globe. icon_cool.gif
    9. Very active especially when it comes to hard work at home.
    10. Only child...I AM NOT SPOILED!
    11. Love to draw or sketch
    12. Believe in my own religion: Gods and Goddesses of the Navajo people.
    13. Showing sympathy towards others
    14. Being Happy and towards others
    15. loving, caring, sharing, and trustworthy.
    16. The vision I had since 5, which dreaded me to this day. 2067 is the year. icon_eek.gif
    17. Taking long runs like 20 to 50 miles
    18. This person believe life is precious
    19. I am not shallow...fuck that!
    20. An anthropologist and a Linguist
    21. Proud to be a Navajo
    22. Earliest memory was my FIRST WALK as a baby. icon_biggrin.gif
    23. My favorite movie Director is; Tim Burton
    24. I am Cancer, born in June.
    25. Wish I had a brother or sister.
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    May 28, 2012 9:08 PM GMT
    TonyToneTC said
    16. The vision I had since 5, which dreaded me to this day. 2067 is the year. icon_eek.gif

  • Karl

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    May 28, 2012 9:28 PM GMT
    1.Sometimes I think I am a b*tch icon_redface.gif

    2.I'm a music enthusiast , I love all the genres.

    3.I'm talkative but I hate talkative people except me icon_twisted.gif

    4.I eat a lot but cant understand why I cant be fat icon_cry.gif

    5.I love learning foreign languages ... My wish is I can speak more than 6 languages and I hope I can do it in the rest of my life.

    6.I'm attracted to bald/buzzed hair guys and his beard.

    7.I used to be a super bad kid icon_sad.gif Now I'm good ;)

    8.I love sitting together with my partner and watching the sunset more than going out with him to the gayclub. (am I romantic ? )

    9.I love horror movies icon_twisted.gif

    10.I hate homophobia , racist and someone mocking about my height.

    11.My dream is going study abroad in Spain and visit Latin countries ... I love Spanish...

    12.I failed the super difficult college entrance test last year icon_sad.gif

    13.My English grammar it's super horrible.

    14.I'm friendly and easy to make friends , I cant hate someone in a long time.

    15.Im from Vietnam , almost my foreign friends they even think that there's a war in my country... omg it's totally wrong. Im sure my country now is one of those most peaceful countries in the worlds ;)

    16.I like Lady Gaga but I extremely hate her fans.

    17.My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry

    18.I am a internet addicts.

    19.I love doing weird thing because I like doing what other people havent done yet.

    20.I own a face of 12 years old kid although Im nearly 20 now.

    21.I hate being ignored icon_sad.gif

    22.I smile and laugh immediately when I see other people smile/laugh , even if I was crying at that time.

    23.I love funny things

    24.I always think that I am the worst although I know it's not icon_sad.gif

    25.I love whoever read this post ;)
    I'll give you a hug and may be a kiss :*
  • Musicman91

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    May 28, 2012 11:50 PM GMT
    1.) I've been doing musical theatre since I was in 2nd grade but I haven't acted in a play in about 2 years.

    2.) My favorite season is fall.

    3.) I've lost over 40 pounds since last summer and I've put on about 5 pounds of muscle in the last month.

    4.) My favorite colors are orange, red and green.

    5.) I love music from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

    6.) I've changed my college major 3 times I might change it a 4th.

    7.) I use to be obsessed with Hilary Duff...icon_neutral.gif

    8.) Every english teacher I've ever had has told me I'm a great writer but I hate writing.

    9.) I've taken 3 different german classes, 1 in high school and 2 in college and I still can't speak a word of it. I really wanna learn I plan on taking a class again somewhere down the road.

    10.) I know everything about the movie the Wizard of Oz, every detail that went into the making of it and all that jazz. I could probably win Who Wants to Be A Millionaire if they ever had a WOZ themed episode.

    11.) I still sleep with a 101 Dalmations blanket, teddy bear, bunny and snake stuffed animal I've had since I was little.

    12.) I love to travel and I wanna go all over the world someday(who doesnt')

    13.) I love learning about other cultures.

    14.) I become obsessed with things easily and want to learn everything I can about the topic.

    15.) I played the clarinet for 8 years and piano for 9.

    16.) My first crushes were C. Thomas Howell and Matt Dillon in the Outsiders.

    17.) I love Disney Movies.

    18.) I wish I had an Irish accent.

    19.) I use to play baseball and was called "Road Runner because I was fast I guess. And I played basketball and was called "Hoppy" becasue I hopped down the court.

    20.) I want to learn how to sword fight.

    21.) I want to own a chocolate lab and a husky oneday.

    22.) I love iced coffee.

    23.) I'm a history buff and I sometimes want to become a Historian.

    24.) I won every spelling bee I was in in elementary school but now I can barely spell anything..

    25.) I was the Wicked Witch of the West for Halloween for the first 4 years of my Trick or Treating career.

    Bonus Fact: I SUCK at all things math related.
  • Karl

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    May 28, 2012 11:55 PM GMT
    MusicMan91 said
    Bonus Fact: I SUCK at all things math related.

    one more similarity icon_cool.gif
    Math killed me last year icon_evil.gif
  • Musicman91

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    May 28, 2012 11:57 PM GMT
    karl3s said
    MusicMan91 said
    Bonus Fact: I SUCK at all things math related.

    one more similarity icon_cool.gif
    Math killed me last year icon_evil.gif

    Math killed me every year icon_twisted.gif
  • turtleneckjoc...

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    May 29, 2012 12:09 AM GMT
    1. I'm afraid of heights

    2. I don't care for roller coasters

    3. I love Southern home cooking

    4. I'm a good cook in my own right

    5. I was born in Indiana and very proud of my Hoosier heritage

    6. I'm not good with anything technical

    7. I have lived in Florida for 33 years but miss cold weather

    8. I love to read

    9. I do container gardening and just harvested two pineapples this morning

    10. I suck at making my bed

    11. I suck at wrapping gifts

    12. But I do suck

    13. I hardly ever go to the beach

    14. I would rather go to New York City

    15. I love Brooklyn

    16. I love New Jersey (there's a first)

    17. I can't stand conservative Republicans

    18. I love liberal Democrats!

    19. Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz rock the house

    20. I spend more time on RJ than I really should

    21. I just got a new job with less stress, more money and real appreciation!

    22. I have made some great friends here on RJ

    23. I don't look my age (many have told me that)

    24. I love to travel but prefer urban areas over resorts

    25. Am I done yet?
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    May 29, 2012 12:54 AM GMT
    This sounds fun
    1) I love scents.
    2) I over-analyze things.
    3) My mind works faster than I can type. Writing papers is unbearable for me.
    4) My most terrifying moment was getting lost in the woods.
    5) I prefer eating with chopsticks
    6) I'm not sure I believe in reincarnation, but if I were, I was probably Chinese, Japanese and French.
    7) I love chocolate. LOVE. L.O. V. E. LURRRVE!
    icon_cool.gif I recently completed a branch of my family tree going back to 970 AD, Norway, 42 generations.
    9) I don't dream. Never have.
    10) I discovered my grandmother dead when I was five.
    11) Queen Elizabeth I is my favorite historical figure.
    12) My favorite job was working on Sunset Blvd at Disney Hollywood Studios during '95. I miss the joy, fun and comaraderie so much, it makes me well up.
    13) Katherine Hepburn is my favorite actress.
    14) My ideal man, in my minds eye, is George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
    15) I have no sexual reaction to women.
    16) I hate yard work.
    17) I'm fascinated with Warhol, Dali and Virginia Woolf.
    1icon_cool.gif It bugs me when I comment on someone's profile pic, and they don't say Thanks, at least! icon_mad.gif
    19) I wish I weren't so generally anxious.
    20) When I was a kid, maybe even now, I wish I could fly like Superman...and see the world.
    21) I hope to retire to France.
    22) I prefer Pepsi to Coke, but LOVE Faygo red pop. (it's a Michigan thing)
    23) The first book I read was "A Christmas Carol." It is my favorite book.
    24) My happiest moment was seeing Versailles for the first time.
    25) I am a top. icon_biggrin.gif
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    May 29, 2012 12:55 AM GMT
    tasty_oblivion saidCome on. Everyone should do one lol

    1.I love getting as much exercise as I can and I hate that it doesn't show.

    2.My favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada.

    3.Sometimes I wish I could sing so I would have the ability to caught people off guard with my words of heaven.

    4. I hate the word rendezous! (come on man! just look at that fucked up spelling!)

    5.I wish I could do some hard core ninja training.

    6. I don't think working at Ruby Tuesday was all that bad.

    7.White is my favorite color though I wear and have alot of black stuff.

    8.I only shop at hottopic for the accessories.

    9.I sometimes like having a feminine gay guy around.

    10. Though I exercise all the time, my physical abilities are average at best.

    11.I have HORRIBLE spelling!

    12.I've come to realize that Tekken is turning into a crappy fighting game, but I'm probably going to still buy Tekken 6.

    13.I learned how to truly love a person.

    14.I don't like being in the same room with my parents for too long and I don't know why.

    15.I love going though the process of getting close to someone.

    16. I think Tyra is a self absorbed woman.

    17. I'm a great artist but I hate drawing.

    18. I'm am scared to death of spiders!

    19. I actually like watching my friends practice their modeling routine.

    20. I never truly like being alone.

    21. I'm a hardcore gamer

    22. I can't stand first person shooters but I like Mirrors Edge.

    23. My mother constantly tells me that I'm a late bloomer. GET OVER IT WOMAN! I AINT GROWIN NO MORE!!!

    24. I want to have a body just like Jin Kazama from Tekken.

    25. I seriously believe that I will be just like Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket when i get older.
    26. Does things that could make a stalker work less to get to him...
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    Dec 04, 2013 7:32 AM GMT
    1. I was a member with a visible pic on this site.
    2. I have multiple personalities in real life and not a disorder
    3. I'm a gaymer.
    4. I love fried chicken
    5. I love posting about poop!
    6. I am weird
    7. I like chocolate milk
    8. I don't like being rejected romantically
    9. I am misanthropic
    10. I love to entertain
    11. I love rock music
    12. I don't like community or togetherness
    13. I hate the emotion of love
    14. I love to act like a grandparent
    15. I am a college kid
    16. I have a complex personality
    17. I love to make random noises
    18. I have 3 black Labradors/pit
    19. I am hairy
    20. I am uncle
    21. I am a strong independent black man
    22. I am running out of ideas
    23. I am the Talon of God
    24. I am your savior
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    May 16, 2014 9:14 PM GMT
    terra22 said1. I'm a lover not a fighter (90% of the time).

    2. I love spicy foods mmmmm.

    3. I like to dance in my room when nobody's home.

    4. I try to help others when they're in need.

    5. Working out is my addiction.

    6. I'm proud of the physical and mental improvements i've made.

    7. I can be insecure with my body a lot.

    8. I love cute things!!

    9. I wish I could have magical powers.

    10. I love video games like Zelda, Mario, and World of Warcraft.

    11. I'm a geek at heart.

    12. I love being the center of attention when I go out.

    13. I have a secret phobia that if I look at this thing, it gives me seizures (Don't want to say what it is incase anybody decides to post it on here..)

    14. I like to say very random and spontaneous things.

    15. POTATO!

    16. I have a very high sex drive.

    17. I like to show off what I got.

    18. My major in college is Hospitality Management.

    19. Someday I want to travel the world with the hotel I manage.

    20. I'm very smart at math.

    21. I'm a huge procrastinator.

    22. I was voted the Friendliest in my high school class for the senior superlatives.

    23. I have a stutter/speech impediment that's been with me since I was 5 years old.

    24. I love to sing every chance I can get.

    25. Terra is a boss in the video game Final Fantasy VIII and I just fell in love with the name. icon_cool.gif

    What a great guy you were, Eric - down here on Earth. Now - you will light up Heaven. You're sorely missed here. I've got fond memories of you and our conversations about lots of topics. All the best to you as you start your eternal journey.