16 year old Niece Discovers Meth. Help.

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    Nov 17, 2015 8:50 AM GMT
    Backstory. My brother married badly, both he and his exwife are pretty much horrible people, and their one daughter of two until recently lived with my mother who is 70, and the Niece is 16 and a holy terror like her father. In the story Jayne is my aunt who is my brother's age and pretty much second in command when mom is travelling or out as she lives nearby.__

    My sister just asked me what is going on, and I am too tired to type this So I told her what I found out on the 14th visiting mom and the next day at a family reunion restaurant.
    I live a hour away.

    MY SISTER (on facebook)
    Hi, what's the deal with Paige? Are you getting involved?

    I dont think there is anything for me to get involved in, in practical terms.

    I just found out about this on the 14th. So from the story from mom and jayne is that I guess Paige has discovered and is using and or selling METH. Among other things. Blah blah blah jayne and mom were there and mom said Paige can have a place to live with mom, or she can continue using drugs. Apparently she chose to leave. Mom doesnt really know where she is staying and is broken past the point of giving her chances and is happy she is gone. (I am sure she is still worried, but she is happy the stress of day to day is gone. ) apparently during the incident paige made death threats, and tried to make jayne fight, etc. Police reports were made to get someone to deal with Paige since she is now beyond mom's control. I am not sure what happened with police, but mom said she has a week to decide whether to do some sort of program with court monitored apologies, or some such, or deal with the court system (not sure exactly if she was charged, or with what, or anything about that...I didnt press her on it)

    There was a family reunion on the 15th, and Paige showed up with her partner in crime shelby(another 16 yo girl)? whom i saw and apparently some boys (didnt see them that was told to me). I didnt see her much as it was crowded. At the last minute she was in the vicinity of grandma, and she walked away crying, as she blew past, I turned around and said "what's up?" and she yelled fuck off, and pushed her way through the crowd. I turned around to mom and jayne and jayne said only something grandma could say would make Paige cry. They then went back to the original conversation. From what I can tell, Jayne and Mom are done with Paige and are leaving her to mess up her life since they tried and dont have the energy to put up with her anymore. Oh and I didnt see it, but apparently Paige has a safe(vault) in the room at mom's that took 3 guys to move up there.


    That's pretty much what I know. As far as my opinion. I dont know what happened, how much is exaggerated, or true, or what. Again I didnt see it but if there is a safe in her room, she is dealing. If she is doing Meth. She has about 6 months to live as METH is unforgiving and combined with Paige's jeffryness, I am worried. Meth leads to prostitution, guns, and overdosing. This is not teenaged rebellion this is a trainwreck in progress and unless SOMETHING scares the crap out of her ( I dont think jail time would work even she is so stubborn), this is going to end badly.

    But again I dont know what is true or not. I am afraid to ask her on facebook if she unfriends me, that information avenue is cut off, and I dont want to burn that bridge. Her facebook updates show no indication of ANYTHING going on, if anything she is soo boring for a teenager.

    Suggestions? I dont want to see her diseased, pregnant, criminal record, or dead. All of which look likely in the near future. I dont understand drugs, but having worked in enough factory jobs, I know METH is the first step in stupid.


    That is what I told my sister.
    Anyone have any suggestions. I pretty much put mormons to shame drugwise, so I dont know anything about this other than the text book facts.
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    Nov 20, 2015 1:08 PM GMT


    Not sure why there isn't any replies yet, as a lot of people have some good advice around here.

    How involved do you want to get? How involved can you get? Do you know this person? Do they know you?

    Short of a face to face meeting and establishing some sort of relationship i don't see how you can have any impact. Given the fact she's a 16 yr old girl, i imagine it would be hard for you to suddenly develop a relationship especially if it's in regards to an area you aren't too familiar with.

    I am not sure the extent of your family history in regards to this, but i will say that sometimes a person with a bad childhood, a child, can develop extrordinary defenses and mechanisms for dealing with situations you wouldn't imagine them being able to deal with.

    Obviously doing meth, dealing meth, being around meth heads at such a young age is horrible. I am just not sure what you can do.
    This young person is obviously dealing with a lot of emotional issues and has had a shitty support system from your description.

    If i were in your position, i would invite the niece out to dinner and attempt to establish myself as someone who could be seen as an ally.

    Of course, i come from a fairly messed up family and am good dealing with conflict and chaos. If i had a 16 year old niece doing meth, there is a fair chance i would do drugs with her, while trying to talk her out of doing meth. lol

    I guess what i am saying, is instead of approaching this as a meth problem, it's really just a scared insecure person problem.

    Finding a way, to show her that there are people that care about her and will support her, is really the only way. She obviously needs to stop any association with meth, but "hey don't do that" isn't going to work.

    There's got to be professionals or counsellors that are non-law enforcement that you can talk to.

    Perhaps you could look into some resources in your area and set up an appoitnment for your sister in law or your sister or whoever.

    Are there drug addiction forums that may have members better suited to answering?

    Sorry i can't be of any more help