Context 1) Understanding (read before Context 2)

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    Oct 06, 2007 11:59 PM GMT

    I'm a designer. I design spaces in which people can work, recreate, rest, etc. When I design, I have to take into consideration such things as the activities in which the occupants of a space will be engaged while in the space, cultural requirements (be those religious, national, ethnic, etc), the aesthetics of the occupants, and many other factors. Now this is called "designing in context". It's essential. If I don't, I can create unusable spaces.

    Now, when we study history, we need to pay attention to the cultural norms of the time and place, or we can make major assumptions which will create chaos when we make the same or similar mistakes to those of our predecessors.

    So it is with two very important things which I have observed in this set of forums.

    Those two things are:
    1) Understanding what is being written by forum contributers, and
    2) Passing judgement on other nations and cultures.

    I want to treat these two things in two separate threads

    This thread treats understanding.

    I've seen men - good men - make assumptions about other members based on what was missed in a comment. For example, one recently, contributer A chastised (or seemed to) contributer B for making a statement about how, according to some Islamic law, 7000 lashes were considered a charitable punishment for homosexuality in an arab country (please pardon if I read this incorrectly).

    Contributer A seemed to miss the part about "according to *yada yada yada*...".

    (Note: The generaliztions about age in the following paragrapsh were edited out thanks to a very observant first poster. Generalizations can be dangerous. It only detracted from the intended theme. SGB)

    It behooves everyone to read carefully, and consider what is being said, the source, the age of the contributer, the part of the country in which the contributer lives, was brought up, etc.

    I'd like to hear others' thoughts about this.

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    Oct 07, 2007 12:10 AM GMT
    Allow me to premise that age serves not as a stipulation towards education, experience, and certainly not even patience. Age is a quantification of the amount of earthly orbits about the sun. Nothing more, nothing less. It serves not as an indicator for any of the aforementioned "qualities." Certainly, with greater age increases the likelihood of vast experiences and education, but age should never be taken into consideration when attributing any sort of credibility to something that has been posted.

    What should be taken into consideration, which I surmise is the topic of this whole post, is the content contained within the post. Everything else seems second-nature to me, but age as an inhibiting or allowing factor does not seem as a relevant point.
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    Oct 07, 2007 12:25 AM GMT
    That was a side comment, and I am in total agreement. The likelihood is increased, but not the definity.

    Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes I don't communicate ideas the way I'd like to (something else to consider in this thread -- My communications class pointed out that we communicate in the context of our own experience, and that, in and of itself, can really cause misunderstanding)
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    Oct 07, 2007 11:19 PM GMT
    The example used by the original poster was, it seems, concerning a response I made.

    Alas, sundown55, that you did not read my reply with the diligence you berate me for lacking! I did not in fact berate the person who described his view of a cultural "norm", rather my post was directed at the view itself. I have made a note to this effect on the relevant thread: please read it if you care to.

    Your fallacy about passing judgement on other nation's cultures is a commonly expressed but usually ill-conceived one. I shall reply on the appropriate thread.
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    Oct 07, 2007 11:28 PM GMT
    Cultures suck.