In Kansas we have a huge rivelry between the University of Kansas (yeah) and the K-State Wildcats.
I'm a HUGE basketball fan and KU is known for their outstanding basketball teams... but not so much football. For the 2nd year in a row, KU has beat KState (this year away, at Manhattan) AFTER KState has beat up on ranked Texas (last week 41-21).

Its the kind of thing where neighbors on side of the fence are having parties with flags waving while the other side does the same. They even had KU Jayhawk fans and KState fans detailed (like a political map)county by county in Kansas (like who would win each county) in the Wichita, KS newspaper this morning.

It feels good to be on the winning side....this time.

KU KU Rock Chalk Jayhawks!icon_razz.gif