Casual gay sex and remaining STD free (is this possible?)

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    Feb 07, 2009 7:21 AM GMT
    I am a bi-curious guy. I could never see myself being held or snuggling with a man, but I have to admit it, I love the sight of a penis and as a result, I have come to have a major thing for TS. As I have become more and more comfortable with these feelings, I have entertained the idea of being with a really fit guy as well (with me on the bottom, not so much on the top). Anyways, I have joined an "Adult" online dating website where I can have any fantasy fulfilled. Being very fit and with above average looks, I have no problems attracting people to meet. The thing is, I am quite concerned about having super casual sex with TS and gay guys. Some of the TSs I would like to be with have asked me to meet them without even talking on the phone - strictly through text communication (I havent taken anyone on their offer). I really wanted to meet them but figured if they are willing to have sex THAT easily with someone, the risk for STDs is to great. But whats the difference between that and someone who will talk with you on the phone and is nice but is interested in the exact same thing, i.e come over and lets do it. There really isnt a difference other than one "feels" safer because they are making a connection. Both are obviously very promiscous individuals but I would be wiling to see the one that will talk with me first. Am I making a big mistake?

    Using protection goes without saying, but performing oral sex on a man carries more risk than doing the same on a girl. And I want to have penis in my mouth, it really arouses me.

    So my question is this, for those of you that have had A LOT of very casual sex with other men, and had many one night stands that involved giving and receiving oral sex and have friends that have done the same, what is your over-riding experience with respect to STDs? I went down on a TS last weekend and I have a sore throat right now, I cant help but think that I have oral gonorrehea. I know that is treatable, and lets say I see my doctor and get on anti-biotics. And so next week I do the same thing, what is the likelyhood that this will just repeat itself over and over again with gonorrehea? I have had a lot of casual sex with women, but this is different. And the fact that I want to be on the bottom (far riskier sex) scares me even more.

    I would like some personal experiences and advice from people that are either now or were sexually permiscous. Sorry for the long post and for sounding like such a newbie.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Feb 13, 2009 8:54 PM GMT
    Wow... interesting note.

    I'm not sure I want to lump myself into the "promiscuous" category by replying, but I suppose I've had my moments... icon_twisted.gif

    A) This kind of risk is all about the numbers... more partners means increased risk. However, even one partner isn't perfectly safe, so if you need to feel that you have perfect safety, you're going to have to work through that.

    B) Obviously, you can take steps (safer sex) to greatly reduce -- though not totally eliminate -- the risks, whether you're talking about one partner or many.

    C) At some point, you have to decide what level of risk is "worth it" to you, to get the experiences you're craving. Those risks will never be quantifiable, and neither will the rewards (if there are any) of the experiences.

    D) Don't let fear rule your life. Take reasonable precautions, and only take risks that *you* find reasonable, and then stop worrying about it so that you can enjoy life. Like everyone else, you may get burned someday; if that happens, you will just have to deal with it. icon_neutral.gif