Scheduling practice and gym time

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    Feb 07, 2009 11:23 AM GMT
    Hey Guys,

    This is crosspost from the Rugby forum: I figure there are more people reading the American Football forum. The sports and skills needed are similar enough that I'd appreciate your responses, too.

    So I started up with Rugby practice in August. I wasn't fit enough, did something to my leg, and took a few months off. In that time, I hit the gym almost every day, boosted my fitness, and have seen some awesome results.

    I've been back in training for the last two weeks or so, and am seeing a drastic improvement (go me! not bad for someone who'd never played before), but am wondering about how to schedule practice and workouts.

    Practice is Tuesday/Thursday. Wednesday/Friday when I'm in the gym, I feel like I've been doing a half-assed job when I do any cardio - definitely not as well as I had been doing last month. My weights routine seems fine through - no big problems.

    Now, I've lost about 15+ lbs of fat in the last few months, and have maybe 20lbs that I want to burn off, while getting more into rugby shape - so, cardio is a must. How would you schedule your workouts around a 2-practice week?


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    Feb 08, 2009 3:22 AM GMT
    Well me personally, i would do cardio mon, wed, and friday, but i wouldnt lift on monday. Just go hardcore with the cardio and abs but split between two or three different excercises and switch it up. Por Ejemplo, one Monday, do bike and treadmill 20 to 30 min each, then the next Mon, do elliptical and bike or tread and switch them off and on every week. Part of the problem may be boredom with your current cardio regimen. If none of these work try going for a run or take up cycling or swimming on mondays. If you work hard on just cardio on monday, then you wont feel too bad about slacking on the other days. In fact you may be able to cut your cardio on the days you lift down to maybe 20 min.

    I quit football and basketball to concentrate on running (mostly because i have 31yo knees), but I found it difficult to go hard at the gym in season as well as train for road races. Most pro players, both football and rugby, have an offseason and in season workout regimen. Since i dont know you personally, i really cant get a guage on what you would need to do in particular. Just thought id take a stab. Good luck man.