Who is this boy in my dreams? He's dead and so are his folks but doesn't know it yet... how do I tell him if he manifests again?

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    Feb 08, 2009 1:59 PM GMT

    He's been manifesting to me in my dreams. He is around 7 years old, frail-looking and almost Hispanic with a funny accent. I had dreamt of him before in this dim, spooky house. The funny thing is I know my way around that house.

    Anyway, last night he called out on me as he was in the toilet of that house. He was sitting in the toilet that seemed to have burned down as the black trails of smoke was so visible even in the dark! And like it was being retrieved from a previous memory, I had instant knowledge that both his parents are dead. No, it felt like they just died. So I lifted him up carefully with both my hands, and his armpits were even warm. But the weird thing is that he is lighter than I anticipated him to be. From his reflection on the bathroom cabinet mirror, all I see in front of me is what remained intact of his body, half of it is just hardened blood and almost fossilized body organs... hanging out like thin paper.

    This was the time I know I was in a dream but I acted normal. Acting more emphathizing with words like "sweetie" I would use more than twice in one sentence, just to reassure him that "everything's gonna be alright, sweetie." As I carried him from the burnt bathroom he wanted me to go back as he left his coloring book there. I told him not to worry, I will come back for it soon as I move you to the other clean bathroom. I never bothered to turn my head to look back at that dark bathroom. "I want my coloring book", he says. Persistently.

    I tried to distract him by asking more questions as my heartbeat raced! "How does it look like?" I asked, as we were entering the other bathroom. He said, "It's blue and has many pictures of clouds." As he was describing this, I was seeing through the toilet seat: his coloring book! Exactly the way he describes it! But it seems that it is lying on a different dimension! I told him with a gentle reassuring voice, "I see it sweetie, don't worry!" I sat him on the toilet and was reaching for his coloring book underneath him... it was confusing 'cos my hand would go through the toilet seat as if I was reaching for the notebook towards the septic tank.

    So I reiterated to him, "I see it, but go finish your poo!" and we'll get it. Even if I could not wait to close the door of the bathroom to give him some privacy, I remained calm and maintained my composure. I forced myself to wake-up and I did so wiping my hands on the duvette.

    I got out of bed and switched on all the lights... even the blinking Christmas lights that I put on the still-damp clothes to help them dry quickly. I was half-awake doing this and managed to update my status on Facebook so I could recall how I registered my fear waking up in the middle of the night... and the update says 1:08am. So the dream approximately happened at 1am-ish.

    ZiMsTeR just hallucinated babysitting a child who doesn't know he's already dead... he was looking for his blue coloring book with clouds on it. 01:08 - Comment

    ZiMsTeR at 01:10, on 08 February
    I can't go back to sleep, he might appear again. I left him in the toilet. @_@

    Now my shoulders begin to tighten again. I was almost convinced that I have high blood pressure but as of my physical check up and lab results from a couple of weeks back, everything is fine with me. Except for some increased IgE , which is cause by an allergic reaction. At least not to KFC or Mickey Dee's. And I am not taking that anti-pain tabs the doctor prescribed, either.

    I wonder who this boy is. He clearly is dead but doesn't know it yet. Nor does he have prior knowledge that his folks are already dead, too. I have a gut feel I'd back in the dream again and he's gonna start asking me about his parents unless that coloring book of his becomes tangible. At least I'll have something to divert his attention to. But for how long? And how do I break the news to him? Now I can't even look at the mirror nor my reflection on my bedroom window.

    Leave the lights on, please.

    p.s. He does look like this kid that appeared in "Three Men and a Little Lady" soon as it was released on video back in the early '90s(?)

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    Feb 08, 2009 3:37 PM GMT
    Hey ZiMsTeR you might want to consult Patricia Arquette:
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    Feb 08, 2009 4:10 PM GMT
    Any chance you were at that same party in South Carolina with Michael Phelps? Step away from the bong!!! icon_lol.gif
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    Feb 08, 2009 4:44 PM GMT

    Hey Zim, I think dreams are interpretations of and some times reflections of ourselves and our life around us.

    Could this little boy be an aspect of a younger self that was traumatized and now your older self is returning metaphorically back to rescue the 'child within'?

    Complex dream with many different layers. Love that!
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    Feb 08, 2009 6:23 PM GMT
    Okay, you REALLY need to lay off on the weed and get help!!! icon_wink.gif
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    Feb 08, 2009 7:08 PM GMT
    Well, if you're actually being serious here there are 2 things you can do.

    But let me preface it by saying that you sound emotionally involved which pretty much means that spirit's going to tag onto you like a leech.

    1 - you can get more and more emotionally involved trying to 'help' this spirit and it WILL drain just about everything out of you because THAT'S WHAT SPIRITS DO. You most likely will not be able TO help him and its only going to get worse for you.

    2 - (and this is what I would do) strip it of all identity and banish the sucker. Rip it apart and send it back through the ethos. If you're able to see/communicate with it in your dreams you likely have the ability to do this.

    It's dead, and that sucks. But sympathizing with it is only going to feed it and make it stronger. get out, while you still have the faculties to do so.

    And just for future posters - I don't need a lecture on why I shouldn't believe what I believe. I've thought long and hard about it, and you won't be changing my mind anytime soon.

    So, um...Papa...don't preach.
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    Feb 08, 2009 8:50 PM GMT

    First of all, I don't smoke. Secondly, I never touched weed. Ew. I'm a ladyyyyyyyyy!!!

    Well I thought that too: whether I was that half-dead kid looking for his coloring book. So far, I haven't been going out and partying as I am far too broke to even step out of the house. Hence I am always online. Dancing (aka the coloring book?) is what keeps me balanced and I haven't done that since Christmas. But I am not that kid.

    And yes, having a big heart seem to attract the needy ones in the "spiritual world". Although I'm not really scared per se as I have a strong conviction that God is the Ultimate Creator and most powerful of them all, so I just pray for protection and dismiss some quack doctor's silly voodoo advice (though it entertains me as to what they have to say).

    Yeah, sometimes I become mean towards these entities and I just pull out of the dream, once I feel I'm in control of my full faculties and aware that I am just dreaming! I love that part everytime it happens.

    There was a time when a huge woman laid beside me and pushed me on the wall corner of my bed as her head, as heavy as a 25 kg dumbell leaned on my nape. I thought there was really someone physically who laid next to me... when I touched her head and looked who it was, it was a head covered in thick black hair. She looked at me with those haunting, ghostly eyes (the typical dark circles around them *rolls eyes* how mediocre). I growled which sort of caught her by surprise and bit her face while pulling her hair... that's when I felt her "slid" out of my "consciousness" and her heavy head turned out to be my soft pillowicon_eek.gif

    I rang my mum in the Philippines to consult a quack doctor/spritualist and she sms'd me later saying it was a huge woman who liked me so much but was ignoring her. I didn't even bother to ask if she were in fact, a living person, let alone followed my mum's advice to put salt, lemon, garlic and onion below my bed to keep them off of my space. I told my mum that whoever she is, she's stupid 'cos of all other men she could like, she chose a very gay gay man!!! hahahahah!!!

    The other time I felt a hairless kitten bite my finger with its sharp fangs, as if to wake me up intentionally. I can only see them as I open my eyes to wake up or as I am about to enter the sleep phase (very ______ *I forgot the word, will insert later*). Anyway, I woke up shaking my finger which felt really heavy as I was trying to shake it off. I immediately suck my forefinger thinking it was bleeding as I felt my skin actually got torn!!!

    Back in the old flat with a more spacious room, I would nap in the afternoon and a meerkat would sneak on top of me and it felt so erotic! In fact I would caress the meerkat and it would manouver all over me as if pleasuring me sexually. I did see it: it was black and smooth and eyes rolling in pleasure and I would even breathe on it gently to reciprocate the pleasure and I'd feel it shake as if it were coming! Again I asked my mum to consult the quack doctor/spiritualist --and it was a spirit of a tall, skinny gay Arab man who had a "serious crush" on me, assuming the shape of a very slick and smooth meerkat.

    I love erotic dreams, but it scares me when I hear a devilish laughter vacuuming my airway. I become skeptic when I see a muscle god of sort coming on to me in my dreams, but the pleasure is so worldly, so much that I could trade my soul for such short moment of bliss. Shit, it must be a reminder of my bareback sex lately, now that I think of it. Anyway, it the better of me would tell me it's a dream and soon as I realize that I would be very aggressive pursuing the guy as it fades away, and I wake up.
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    Feb 08, 2009 9:04 PM GMT

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I end up putting on some gay porn on mute so as to distract me from my on-and-off silly fear. It's 1am and I iz scared to force myself to go sleep. Need to do that when I'm too exhausted to care. Either that or masturbate.
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    Feb 08, 2009 9:45 PM GMT

    Thanks, that input is very much appreciated.icon_wink.gif

    I just try not to analyze everything too much. I just realize that I am challenged on my faith in God. Yet again.
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    Feb 08, 2009 10:44 PM GMT
    How about one of those t-shirts with a funny message on it?

    Those are cool.
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    Feb 08, 2009 11:24 PM GMT
    If you see dead people, you are probably just stressed. Just imagine going for a relaxing car ride in the countryside taking deep breaths on a sunny day ..

    you can use this video to help, turn up the volume and listen to the relaxing music!! icon_biggrin.gif It will transform the way you feel by the end .. guaranteed!

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    Feb 09, 2009 12:24 AM GMT


    it's 4:24am nao.
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    Feb 09, 2009 2:18 AM GMT

    ok it's 6:16am i tried to snooze a few minutes ago and now i am in the ocean, i felt a huge tidal wave hit me, drowning me in deep waters... luckily i pulled myself to wake up!!! i felt my lungs almost collapse.

    this is not funny anymore. i have to be in the office in 45 minutes. damn zombie am i.
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    Feb 09, 2009 6:22 AM GMT


    I was doing some accounting in the office and nothing puts me to sleep better than doing numbers, as that is not my primary job to begin with. I snuck up to the stock room, laid a couple of flip charts and lied down there. I dozed off instantly and I was running… like I was doing the marathon, but with ease. I wasn’t running, I was almost flying. In fact, I was running over a hilltop or mountaintop that had a one or two feet wide gap and underneath it was a stream of clear blue water running upstream, towards the direction I was headed. I was actually running over the gap and wasn’t falling at all. Even on the pavement, I hardly felt my feet touching the pavement but I was able to accelerate more and went past some other runners –they were just shadows in running gear! They were humanlike but indistinctively male or female.

    Then I got into an open space towards a very huge and majestic railway skyscraper, which looks like it was from the future. The structure that housed the train looks like the shape of a snail’s shell. It was made of concrete and metal and had lines that form a square pattern. I was in awe but kept on running. I felt my hand cold and that’s when I woke up as I felt the sensation was coming from the leg of a chair made of metal, and it was cold.
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    Feb 17, 2009 10:54 AM GMT

    My mum sms'd me the other day saying that according to the 'spiritualist' she consulted with, the boy was an aborted foetus from 6 or 7 years ago who liked to play with me as he likes me. Now the building where I live now hasn't been built that time, so I have no idea whose kid this was. Anyway, I was asked to say a prayer for him and I didn't do that... I just vibrated some positive energy for him and now I am able to sleep peacefully... but still with the lights on, tho. icon_cool.gif