On Saturday, November 3, 2007, at The Cypress Course of Palm Aire Country Club in Pompano Beach, FL (next to Fort Lauderdale), my golf group associates with a local charity to put on a fund-raising charity golf scramble. The charity is Tuesday's Angels. You can find information about them on their web site, www.tuesdaysangels.org. You can also access the golf web site, and a registration form through the same URL. The event is staged as a scramble...a "hit and giggle" event where having fun is much more important than having a good game. You will be a part of a four man team. Each person tees off and the captain (usually the best golfer in the group), selects the best or most advantageous shot. Everyone on the team picks up their balls...I told you this was a fun game....and goes to the location selected. Everyone plays their second shot from the selected location, the captain selects the best/most advantageous shot...and the team continues in that format until a ball is holed. We usually have about 100 gay golfers participate. This year, we're inviting all golfers from RealJock.com to join us for the outing. Individual invitations have been sent to recently active golfers in Florida. If you're not from the Fort Lauderdale area, use this as a nice excuse for a getaway for a long weekend. This event has been staged for about ten years for the benefit of one entity or another, and is the Granddaddy of all the currently staged gay golf fund raisers in South Florida. Palm Aire Country Club is the best at putting on this type of event. The dinner afterwards is par none; the raffle prizes spectacular and the hospitality superb.
All gay golfers have always wished they had a gay golf group to play with regularly...here it is. Come on down and join us in one of the most fun events of the year. Email me at Realjock.com if you have trouble accessing the web site, or need other info.

P.S. Shouldn't RealJock.com have a calendar so that the dates of events of national/regional/local interest can be posted?