Starting Out!

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    Oct 09, 2007 2:24 AM GMT
    I have weight trained in the past with a Personal Trainer at the gym and had positive results. Problem is the trainer was doing all the "THINKING" for me about my Program.

    I now want to train on my own. Problem is where do I start? Does anyone have any advise from starting from zero?

    Are you into personal goal setting to get results?

    Whats a real result you can expect from starting over again?
    Any comments would be of great help!icon_biggrin.gif
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    Oct 09, 2007 4:22 PM GMT
    First thing, go see a mental health professional. You need to come to terms as to why you don't like yourself, and are unable to post a picture on a gay site, yet, go asking to have your hand held, although you clearly state that your trainer did just that and now you're spoiled. You're just transferring your underlying issues (inability to do anything on your own) from your trainer to those folks here, and you're asking them to do it, without even a very minimalistic effort of even a picture. Your lack of effort tells me way more than I'd need to know as a trainer. I wouldn't take on a client destined for failure.

    Once you deal with the underlying mental issues, you can continue to work on the physical.

    There are 1000's of sites dedicated to fitness. You'll need to sort out what works best for you, which, of course, is something only you can do. Without looking at you (an you're not even willing to make that most basic of efforts) no good trainer can give you qualified advice. What works for one doesn't always work for another.

    Anyone worth their salt would never advise you without sitting down and getting a good look at you.

    Understand, though, there's more going on than that. You need to work on those other issues of esteem and so on, as well as the physical.

    Start by reading.
    Start by taking an effort, even it's as small as posting a picture.
    If you continue to be so minimalistic in your efforts, you WILL CONTINUE TO FAIL.
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    Oct 09, 2007 4:24 PM GMT
    there are some great exercises posted on the main page here from Mike Claussen of Diakadi Fitness...ive been using them to mix up my routine...really like them...give them a try...
  • iHavok

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    Oct 09, 2007 4:39 PM GMT
    I think goals are kind of necessary when starting anything, otherwise how can you build any sort of plan?

    Goals allow you to judge your progress, as well as tailor your plan towards what you want from it.

    what do you want from your training? Usually it's either weight loss, or muscle mass gain, or a combination of both... That seems to be a common place to start.
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    Oct 09, 2007 6:30 PM GMT
    Your initial experience with a trainer is actually a great start.

    Depending upon how you trained, you probably already know how to use certain machines, how to lift properly/safely and have an idea about cardio and healthy eating.

    There is a lot of great information on this site,as well as many supportive members.

    I also don't think there's anything wrong with asking people in your gym for advice too.

    Good luck and welcome. - Jorel
  • MikePhilPerez

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    Oct 09, 2007 7:24 PM GMT
    jorel1 said,

    "There is a lot of great information on this site,as well as many supportive members"

    That is very true, and chucky ant one of them, so best ignore him. I think we all know who needs to see the "mental health professional".

    Anyway there are a lot of great guys here that will put you on the right track. And get of sugaricon_smile.gif

    Good luck and keep posting and let us know how you are getting along.

  • GQjock

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    Oct 11, 2007 10:21 AM GMT
    You the resources that you have at hand
    If you have a trainer...have him map out a plan for you
    Use the workouts that are listed here on the website and read some of the articles that are posted
    ...ask some specific questions from the guys on here

    Lord knows you'll get some answers icon_wink.gif
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    Oct 11, 2007 9:12 PM GMT
    dunno if this helps wrote it a whille back it wont help with your routine but:

    4 steps to Heaven

    New to training????

    The initial thoughts are to get the exercise plan drawn up and hit the gym and gain maximum results from your plan whether it be to burn calories and lose weight, build muscle or just improve your overall fitness.

    But this is just one part of the story and also not the most important part. The primary decision is your goal.

    Step 1 What is your goal?
    It's very hard to achieve the exact balance to build muscle and lose weight simultaneously you are often asking or employing methods that are counterproductive to each other and the goal.

    Have a plan/a target; its easy to adjust this as you go along but without one how can you measure your achievements? But you are what you eat.

    Step 2 Know your diet

    Does your calorific intake match your goals? How do I work this out? There are lots of links on this website that will help you identify what your basal metabolic rate is and what you need to eat to achieve your goals. try something like

    There are many different ways to skin a cat so you need to find the method that best suits your lifestyle.

    In its simplest form: if calories in are less than calories out then you will lose weight and vice versa but there are many variables and margins for error.

    That's where tools/resources like come in. They not only help you to log, plan and identify your calorific intake they help you with identifying macro nutrient split macros: (carbohydrates, protein and fats) and even micro nutrient split (iron, zinc, potassium etc)

    Step 3 Does your routine match your goals and is your calorific intake sufficient to achieve your objective?

    Are you getting enough macros to suit your goals? If you are then supplementation is not needed. Many resources make you believe it's a pre-requisite to training. Its not, they are as they say to supplement shortfalls or as an alternative to food or efficiency ie if when bulking in heavy excess its often hard to consume the value of calories in the form of foodstuffs.

    Step 4 Water water everywhere.

    Hydration is of paramount importance. Fact your body cant metabolize fat without it. Fact muscle is made up of 70% water. So know your water intake is sufficient to maintain hydration or even superhyrdated to achieve weight loss (the latter being if you prescribe to Dr Darden's principles

    Common resources would state that 2 litres per day is basic hydration but it depends on the individuals size etc. Basic "rule of thumb" for water requirements has long been -- weight in pound / 2 = oz. of water / day. Daily fluid requirements will vary with environmental conditions, clothing and exercise intensity and duration. Typical water losses during exercise : 1 hour of weight training = 8 oz; 45 minutes of swimming = 10 oz, a softball game = 16 oz; 5 mile run = 24 oz, 45 minutes of full court basketball = 24 oz; bicycling for 1 hour = 33 oz. and a marathon = 116 oz.

    And finally creatine: love it or hate it every one has their views and interpretations of the facts. Do your research and formulate your own opinion. But all the evidence and advice is the same for one group: "if you are an adolescent you should not consider creatine"

    Most importantly......... It's Evolution not Revolution make sure you revisit this often when you have achieved or are nearing your goals