Help/Advice with getting a career in Training & Assessment (Teaching)/Life/Business Coaching/NLP?

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    Feb 13, 2009 1:07 PM GMT
    Part I of II (Part II of this post con'td directly below):

    There seems to be no specific category for discussing careers/job.employment; so I thought I would post my topic here in General Fitness Discussion (please feel correct me if I'm wrong! :winkicon_smile.gif.

    I apologize in advance for the seemingly 'excessive' length of this topic, but I have a lot to explain & go through that I would like help, advice, hints & tips on (bearing in mind this is my future career I want to do for the rest of my life we're talking about! icon_smile.gif); so here goes:-

    About Yours Truly:

    I am 27 years old, living in Sydney, Australia. I work out several times a week (I am slowly getting fit & toned like I want!), try to eat healthy & live an active, healthy lifestyle (I am also in the process of quiting smoking ATM icon_confused.gif). If you would like to find out more about, please feel to look up my profile, I won't mind, honest! icon_wink.gif (feel free to leave comments on how massive this post is if you want! :lolicon_smile.gif. icon_smile.gif

    More About My Chosen Career/Life Path:

    My dream job/career path I am in the process of embarking upon actually combines several jobs/career paths into one over-arching career/life path (you might even say it's an 'uber career? icon_razz.gif').

    I want to get into Training & Assessment, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) & Success Coaching for Life & Business (it's only taken me 9 years out of school/college to find what I want to do as a career! icon_redface.gif).

    I DO realize it will be ex$pensive, possibly take up a lot of my free time & won't happen overnight (it will probably take me anywhere from 3 - 5 years minimum to do all the study, pay off my course fees, get experience in the field, etc); but I am excited, 1,000% committed to this goal/new life I have chosen for myself, am actively committed to, & pro-actively seeking information, helpful hints & tricks, advice, experience & the like; in order to forefill my dreams,/goals/ambitions.

    The Break-Down (411):

    I would like, if I may, to (hopefully briefly!) explain what each part of my career will entail (again I apologize about the length & depth of the topic, but I am looking for specific help here) & how it all fits together in the 'big picture':


    Training & Assessment (or T.A.A. as it's also known) is where you train people in how to do their jobs in your chosen industry or field; i.e.: 'showing some the ropes' (includes practical 'hands-on' work as well as knowledge & theory). You also assess & grade students on their work (just like a teacher art school! :rollicon_smile.gif.

    Examples: I.T. Trainers, Hospitality Trainers, Tradesmith Trainers, etc.

    Legally, you can only train others in a job/industry you yourself have actually been trained in (& preferably) have hands-on practical experience in (the standard is 5 years [10+ years is preferred], although it can be less or more than this).

    I would be doing Certificate IV (entry-level), before going on to do the Diploma in Training & Assessment (you must do Cert. IV before you can do the Diploma). We are actively encouraged to continuously do relevant training courses, attend seminars & do further study to remain 'current' (up to date) in our chosen field in which we train.


    Otherwise commonly know as N.L.P. This has been made famous my shows like 'The Mentalist' & 'Lie to Me'; as well as videos on YouTube, etc. It includes the use of such things as hypnosis, anchors, mirroring & the like; & is used a lot in councilling & coaching. This training will directly tie into my Success Coaching & will help further enhance the training/teaching skills I would gain from my T.A.A.
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    Feb 13, 2009 1:09 PM GMT
    Part II of II; cont'd (it won't all fit in one post, I apologize):


    I think we all know what Coaching (also called Success Coaching here Down Under) is & what it's about. For those whom don't know, coaching is a form of councilling & mentoring that people & businesses use to eliminate road blocks, gain motivation/focus, etc & generally help them to be successful & obtain their goals.

    Your gym instructor &/or fitness coach probably uses Success Coaching training & techniques (I have also heard some use N.L.P. as well) to help you obtain your fitness goals, to stay sharp/focused & positive during work outs & training at the gym.


    icon_exclaim.gif This is my dream job & the career that I want to spend the rest of my life doing (better late than never! :lolicon_smile.gif. I want to help people to make a real & lasting difference/positive change in their lives, to help set them on their own careers/paths of discovery; & to generally uplift their lives in a positive sense - in every area/facet of their lives & as much as possible (personal, work, social, etc - EVERYTHING) ! - so that they in turn to teach & help others to do the same (who knows, I may even end up helping myself & learning a thing or two myself in the process! icon_cool.gif). icon_biggrin.gif

    icon_exclaim.gif Government (local/state/federal), Industry & [u]INTERNATIONAL[/u] accreditation & certification to enable me to legally work anywhere in Australia & overseas (specifically in the U.S./Europe).

    icon_exclaim.gif To use my knowledge, experience & training in T.A.A., N.L.P. & Success Coaching to train & coach both individuals & businesses on a personal & professional level.

    icon_exclaim.gif To earn lots of money (duh! :rollicon_smile.gif, to travel on a semi-regular basis (at least) & have fun whilst helping people & doing what I love (don't well all?!? :winkicon_smile.gif!


    icon_idea.gif Personally, it will help me grow, learn & evolve as a person; in a professional, personal & social sense, as shall hopefully spill/carry over in to other areas of my life; positively enhancing all aspects of my life for the better (gain more self-confidence, be better at work, have a good personal life, be more socially well-adjusted, the list keeps going on & on. . .).

    icon_idea.gif My Diploma of T.A.A. will allow me to teach, assess & empower others by providing A-Grade, world class legally/ethically sound, Industry National/Internaional-recognized & accredited training (combined with practical knowledge & industry experience gained over time) that is both realxed-yet-professional & second-to-none; & help inspire people whilst helping further their own careers.

    icon_idea.gif My N.L.P. training shall help me become a more effective & proficient Trainer/Assessor & a better Success Coach by helping me in the class room, the workplace & in my personal life coaching sessions to help recognize blockages & promote healthily, responsible change & measurable, realistic & positive change that lasts before, during & long after the training/assessing/coaching is finished; with positive flow-on benefits for all involved.

    icon_idea.gif My success training/mentoring in Business (corporate) & Life (personal) shall enable & empower clients (companies, individuals & groups) to follow dreams & achieve their own goals & making a lasting positive change in their lives & mine. This will mostly likely be a side business at first (I am fully registered in Australia with all the relevant tax agencies to do this, I just need the certifications, training & experience); but shall become more integrated into my T.A.A. job & form a apart of my overall carer/job/career path; with an eye to opening my own business sometime in the future.


    icon_question.gif Anyone with industry knowledge, experience or whom has done one or more of the above courses is welcomed to share their insight into the industry (especially the study side of it & the initial period starting out just after you get qualified).

    icon_question.gif Hints, tips, tricks & insight into the industry of Success Coaching (both personal & corporate); especially the mentality/mind set of successful coaches in the industry (includes councilors, personal trainers, life/business coaches, etc).

    icon_question.gif Any good, reliable information on how to get certified, as well links to websites, resources &/or other information on Training & Assessment/N.L.P./Coaching that I can read & study would be absolutely awesome (please include links, photos, titles of books/C.D.'s [please include author(s), estimated price, year published & possible locations on where to buy], etc in your reply - many thanks in advance!! icon_smile.gif). On-line resources where I can read & print the information off, eBooks or audio books (for my iPhone/PC) would be especially handy, as I can take them anywhere with me. icon_biggrin.gif

    icon_question.gif E-mails/chats/discussions with people on R.J. & elsewhere (both on/off-line) would be highly beneficial (also enables me to enhance my Customer Service/Communication skills *hehe*), greatly appreciated & most welcomed!

    icon_question.gif Advice/Help from people in Australia, the U.S. & Europe would be especially handy (especially when it comes to getting skills internationally in other countries & what laws/training I may have to do on top of everything else to get my qualifications recognized in those countries/regions).

    Okay, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for sticking with me; reading through this (rather long!) post, & getting to this point (& a massive UBER THANK YOU in advance to all whom reply/help) - yo all are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! icon_cool.gificon_biggrin.gificon_cool.gif

    Thanks again for reading/replying & helping me out; & I hope I can do the
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    Feb 13, 2009 9:14 PM GMT

    Quick question (needed for clarification so that I can provide you with the best answer possible), is this an actual recognized position in the industry you are inquiring about or are you combining two positions and trying to create a niche for yourself?

    C -
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    Feb 14, 2009 11:01 AM GMT
    Training & Assessment is a recognized qualification, this will be my 'primary' job role.

    I also want to get into Coaching (this will also benefit mt Training & Assessment duties/job as well); so I would go with niche ATM.

    Thanks for your help! icon_smile.gif