Despite His Unplanned Approaching Surgery, That Caused Us to Cancel Our New Years Trip, We're Still Going To Key West In 12 Days

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    Nov 10, 2016 2:48 AM GMT
    The surgery doesn't happen until after Thanksgiving, when we'll be back home. He's now got some pain relievers following the visit with his orthopedic surgeon yesterday. He thinks those'll get him through the 8 days in KW that's coming up. But he won't take another trip for New Years immediately following getting his new hip.

    During this trip he's likely to do little, mostly hibernate in our room, I really wanted to cancel it, too. Like I did the New Years trip.

    But it's for the annual SMART Ride that he helped found 13 years ago, and he hasn't missed one yet. Even if it's just to see the Key West arrival & parade of the bicyclists, the emotional closing ceremony, and the evening party afterwards. Plus one of the crew chiefs, a friend of ours, will be staying in our hotel second bedroom.

    And I'm hoping it will do him good to have a change of scenery & routine, and see a lot of friends from around South Florida who participate in the Ride. We'll have a full kitchen that I'll keep stocked, so he won't have to go out to eat, as we usually do. Plus I can have meals delivered.

    He's prepared to just veg. Merely go out on our front veranda to watch the street scene on Duval with his coffee or drinks, or out on the back deck to sit and overlook the nude swimming pool. I can make sure he's entertained, one way or the other.
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    Nov 10, 2016 6:05 PM GMT
    Did speak to the hotel complex owner this morning on his cell phone. Not being offshore for a powerboat race off Key West did make it easier for him to speak this morning than yesterday. LOL!

    He said sure, he would tell his staff to cancel New Years reservations. And without any standard cancellation fee. As I assumed they do have a long waiting list, the rooms won't go empty. Filled as soon as the standbys can be contacted. We had 2 of the 4 most desired rooms in all of Key West for New Years Eve.

    I'm disappointed no RJers got back to me, we could have done a direct swap. But I had a tight timeline, didn't want to lose the ability to turn the rooms in on late notice, after we scheduled his surgery earlier this week.
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    Nov 10, 2016 6:19 PM GMT
    OK, just got a confirmation email that our deposit has been credited, as well as our friend's deposit, who was traveling with us and had the second room. The hotel owner was as good as his word. And it was barely 2 hours ago.

    One of the advantages of developing personal friendships with people. Versus dealing impersonally with huge hotel chains.
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    Nov 11, 2016 12:17 AM GMT
    Just reserved the rental car to drive down to Key West next week. We didn't wanna take our older car there. And it's from Enterprise, so they come pick us up at home, and retrieve the car when we're done. Their location not even a mile away. Cost for 8 days is less than $180. Like $22 a day with unlimited mileage. I thought that was reasonable enough in touristy Florida.

    I told him that since our car will be coming up on 9 years old, we need new. And although it only has 48,000 miles, cars also age from time. I wasn't trusting it for a longer ride. So for 8 days we'll have new, and highway support if problems develop.

    A new car around 2017 is likely gonna happen. In the meantime, a rental is an inexpensive alternative for trips.

    And our car insurance covers rentals, so we don't need theirs. I've got a Florida Sun Pass transponder that suction-cups onto the windshield, so I don't have to be billed extra for that. Therefore we can ride the Florida Turnpike and the tolls get billed to my existing Sun Pass account. The price they quoted is the price we'll pay, no surprise add-ons when we get there.

    That's why I got a portable Sun Pass, as well as a permanent windshield one. The portable toll pass we'll be using is also for family & friends who visit us and have a car, which they've done. A complex modern world, for which you've really gotta plan in ways that are totally new to us older guys.
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