Duke's Lindsey Harding was the first overall pick of the 2007 WNBA Draft. Phoenix selected her and then traded her to Minnesota for Tangela Smith. San Antonio then drafted Ohio State's Jessica Davenport and traded her to New York for Liberty staple Becky Hammon.

The WNBA season starts in late May which makes for a unique situation. The women are drafted the day after their college career ends and start their professional career before many have graduated from college.

Biggest news is probably who isn't in the draft. Both Sylvia Fowles and Candace Parker decided to return for another year of college. The WNBA rule is that if a player is on schedule to graduate by December of the year of the draft, they can come out early and enter the draft. Parker - a rising Junior - redshirted her freshman year, so she has 3 full academic years and it was thought she could complete her studies by December if she chose to come out early.

Overall this is not a heavily talented draft and only a few of those drafted will be starters in the WNBA.

Other picks by round:

1st Round:

1.) Lindsey Harding/Duke (Phoenix to Minnnesota)
2.) Jessica Davenport/Ohio State (San Antonio to New York)
3.) Armintie Price/Mississippi (Chicago)
4.) Noelle Quinn/U.C.L.A. (Minnesota)
5.) Tiffany Jackson/Texas (New York)
6.) Bernice Mosby/Baylor (Washington)
7.) Katie Geralds/Purude (Seattle)
8.) Ashley Shields/SW Texas CC (Houston)
9.) Alison Bales/Duke (Indiana)
10.) Carla Thomas/Vanderbilt (Chicago)
11.) Ivory Latta/North Carolina (Detroit)
12.) Kamesha Hairston/Temple (Connecticut)
13.) Sandrine Gruda/France (Connecticut)

2nd Round:

14.) Dee Davis/Vanderbilt (Houston)
15.) Eshaya Murphy/USC (Minnesota)
16.) Shay Doron/Maryland (New York)
17.) Camille Little/North Carolina (San Antonio)
18.) Tyresa Smith/Delaware (Phoenix)
19.) Megan Vogel/South Dakota State (Washington)
20.) Stephanie Raymond/Northern Illinois (Chicago)
21.) Jessica Dickson/South Florida (Sacramento)
22.) Lyndsey Medders/Iowa State (Indiana)
23.) Brooke Smith/Stanford (Minnesota)
24.) Kathrin Ress/Boston College (Minnesota)
25.) Sidney Spencer/Tennessee (Los Angeles)
26.) Cori Chambers/Georgia (Connecticut)

3rd Round:

27.) Jeanna Rubino/DePaul (Chicago)
28.) Leah Rush/Oklahoma (Phoenix)
29.) Martina Webber/Iona (New York)
30.) Nare Daiwara/Virgina Tech (San Antonio)
31.) Chrissy Givens/Middle Tennessee (Phoenix)
32.) Gillian Goring/N.C. State (Washington)
33.) Brandie Hoskins/Ohio State (Seattle)
34.) Kristen Newlin/Stanford (Houston)
35.) Ashley Key/N.C. State (Indiana)
36.) Meg Bulger/West Virginia (Sacramento)
37.) Emily Westerberg/Arizona State (Phoenix)
38.) Amanda Brown/Penn State (Los Angeles)
39.) Kiera Hardy/Nebraska (Connecticut)