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I got these a few years back but unfortunately only got to wear them... maybe twice? Back in the Netherlands I'd usually go to the nude beach and here in Chicago I've only been to the beach once with straight friends. Was hoping to change that this year but who knows if we'll get to enjoy beach season 2020.

Well loverboy, at least you're not so rigid like our resident clown above. You would so fucking
love my nude beach in Hawaii. There are several and I live just above Kehena Beach. Google it
and you'll catch the aloha vibe.
Nude beaches are disgusting and should be shut down, periodicon_exclaim.gif Public nudity is wrong and should be made a felony crime in all 50 states. So keep your speedos on all of youzeicon_exclaim.gif

That's complete bullshit and i don't even know how you typed that, read it and thought this would be a smart thing to post.

And I got them from Aussiebum a few years ago, they don't seem to have this comic version anymore.
No it is not bullshit and is the truth. What the goddamned hell is the matter with some of you people. I am very tolerant and accepting of many things but one thing I will never accept is public lewdness. Clothing optional places are just like drug gang infested public housing projects, they are both best avoided at all timesicon_exclaim.gif

What's the matter roadbikerob?!!!! Sounds to me that you didn't have a good time at a nude beach!!!!