What is considered "overtraining"?!

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    Apr 17, 2019 5:43 PM GMT
    haha i love how ppl edit their pics to get more likes and how their followers belive on this..
    check his real shape


    the must fun thing is.. he claims be natural haha.. well.. icon_smile.gif trush me.. i am bigger than him..
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    Apr 18, 2019 8:35 AM GMT
    It's very possible he is natural. He's only 5'5". He's tiny.

    And of course you're bigger. You've had a lot of "help." icon_wink.gif
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    Apr 20, 2019 11:34 AM GMT
    haha possible that he is natural? ... sir..there is natural championship.. if u google for it and see how natural BBs look like u for sure wont say he is natural .. yes.. i had "help", and its not nothing anormal, i'm aguy from third World country.. I do not gain much.. as i said.. i am not over roided.. its much more about know-how than roids.. i dont have much money for roids.. i only do 1~2 cycles per year and its only 2 months.. its only ~150 USD per cycle, very low doses


    ^ champion of ANBF, natural BB