Metabolic tension: go heavy or go home
3 to 8 reps
2-5 minutes rest

Metabolic stress: most used (for home workouts): continuous tension and time under tension
12 reps
1-3 minute rest

Muscle damage: longer to recover, go to failure

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Yes, I ran into a guy at a New York City gym who was doing exercise to failure.
Yes, I ran into a body builder at the Allen/McKinney, TX Lifetime Fitness who was doing few reps - heavy weight but I guess he didn't say the term "metabolic tension"
Yes, I remember someone in the weight room saying at some point, "you have to damage your muscles" and I looked at him puzzled: "I can play for hours without "damaging" my muscles." He probably said, "that's why you won't look like a bodybuilder."

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a Scorpio guy tired out from working out. I asked him if he had been lifting to failure. He didn't know what that was about.