icon_cry.gificon_confused.gifeveryone does seem to be a bottom, which sucks for me because i'm a bottom. As for the barebacking, well it seems like everyone here in miami does it icon_eek.gif most people dont seem to care. wtf. when i first started having sex at 15 all the way until like 17 i always used protection and made sure to tell them that. One time tho this guy effed me once w/a condom, then he wanted to go a 2nd time, he didnt have a condom and i said NO NO NO. But he stuck it in and i kinda just let it slide. I went thru like a 4 month period where i let 3 dudes do me bb, that has stopped long ago tho. its scary to think what i could have catched so i'm not willing to risk it anymore no matter how hot the guy is or how magnificent the dick looks. They dont care about me, just my ass.icon_mad.gif