motivational issues

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    Mar 05, 2009 5:45 PM GMT
    i've been having motivational issues with going to the gym lately.

    i know that if i DON'T go, i'll feel crappy about myself, so more often than not, when i have the time, i DO go. like today. though its a several-hour-long battle with myself to actually get changed and hop in the car...

    i've never had a reliable workout partner, and while im here at home for the quarter, i have none.... i can't afford a trainer.... and the gym i use here at home doesn't even have all the eye candy my school rec center boasts lol..... so really its just the force of my will that keeps me going.

    each workout seems more boring and routine, despite switching up the machines and exercises i use... and in turn, i'm not pushing myself as hard, and am leaving earlier every time. i haven't been seeing the results i want, so there's also a whole 'what's the point' mentality; i'm at least maintaining a toned body which is why i force myself to keep going, but i'm not getting the results i want because i'm not pushing myself hard enough, and i'm not doing that because i'm bored and discouraged in general. how does one break this chain? how does one make things interesting again? where can i pick up a hot workout partner for myself? lol
  • Timbales

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    Mar 05, 2009 5:49 PM GMT
    Are there any outdoor activities you can do instead of solid gym time? Maybe you can set yourself a reward for achieving a specific goal. Or maybe you just need to take a week off and relax, then hit it hard the following week.
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    Mar 05, 2009 6:03 PM GMT
    I also have had trouble motivating myself recently. I put it down to lack of sleep and struggles with colds. What I make sure I do is at least some exercise every day. Today it is crunches and then volleyball.

    I am with Timberoo, you should try and find exercises that you enjoy. Anything at all as long as it involves burning calories. And not all workouts require a gym. Even doing push ups and sit-ups in your bedroom helps.

    Hopefully your lack of motivation is not because of feeling down. That is often a problem as winter drags on.

    As for the hot workout partner, well I will leave that up to other people to comment on! I prefer working out alone.
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    Mar 06, 2009 10:19 AM GMT
    A personal trainer might help with the program manipulation as well as the motivation and the spotting. But if you can't afford one, here's a few tips.

    you're hitting what we call a plateau. this happens when your body starts to adapt to your training, and you stop seeing results because of it. so switching up your exercises isn't enough.

    1) stop using machines. machines don't require much form on your end because the machine basically does the form for you. using free weights allows you to use more muscles to help stabilize yourself and the weights.

    2) you shouldn't be using the same exercises over and over again, add some new exercises to your repertoire, pick up some books for some new ideas. try doing exercises on a BOSU ball, or a stability ball. switch from phases where you lift moderate weights, to phases where you're lifting heavy weights. Always keep your body guessing. Confuse the crap out of your muscles, and they will grow.

    3) Every rep counts, even the last one where you're probably too exhausted to push or pull the weight back up. for example, lets say your doing a dumbbell bench press. you've done 7 reps, and for the 8th rep, you could barely get the weights back up, but you did it. now, focus on that eccentric contraction...Lower that weight down as slow as possible (10 secs or longer). make that last rep count!

    hope this helps

    -Patrick NASM, NCEP CPT
  • GQjock

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    Mar 07, 2009 12:23 PM GMT
    You need a new spark of enthusiasm
    What that is or will be depends on you

    Does you gym have any boot camp classes or yoga classes?
    something that you'd find interesting?
    Maybe change gyms?
    Splurge on some new clothes... sometimes that starts new interest
    at least for me icon_cool.gif
    Sit down and look at a fitness magazine and look at the men in the ads and in the photographs .... see which ones whose body you'd like to have literally and figuratively icon_wink.gif
    and get outdoors ... run bike rollerblade
    you need to shake up what you already got