I'm pretty new to the site and a lot of the advice here is fantastic! Ok, so here's my dilemma - this site has inspired me to workout (it's been a looong time since I did anything consistently) and after giving myself a good look in the mirror, my arms and legs are basically where I want them to be sizewise, but my torso is pretty awful. I would like to gain mass in my chest ( my weakest link, so to speak)and lose the flab around my gut. I've already learned (here - and I thought I knew it all already, lol ) that I should do one thing at a time - I've opted to put on some mass first. My question ( finally) is since my arms are where i want them to be, is it better to 1) ignore bicep and tricep exercises for a while or 2) do high reps instead ( while I do low reps @ heavy weights for my chest? I worry that if I follow a typical plan that my arms will keep going and they'll never look right with my chest. This is mostly genetic I think, my dad had great arms and legs but a so-so torso as well. This wouldn't be a problem if I were a big guy ( I'm 5'5") and I prefer to look fit and defined with a bit of mass (sleek, I guess) as opposed to becoming the tiniest super-hero. icon_smile.gif

If this helps, I'm 42, 157@ 20% bodyfat (I know, I know). A couple of years ago I went on a running kick and got down to 133 with 13% bodyfat - I felt great but looked a little skinny. My goals are 140 - 145 @ 10 - 12% bodyfat. I'm pretty good with my diet, both in what I eat and when ( I work for myself from my home so I have a lot of control in how I spend my day.

Oh, and I started working out (at home) - today!

Thanks - and sorry this got long and chatty.