Bright Line Eating by Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.: A Sure Way to Lose 30 Pounds If Not More, No Change in Exercise Required in This Method

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    Jul 05, 2019 7:31 PM GMT
    start at
    I think it is a 3 question test followed by a 10 minute video. I just did it.

    Her book is: Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free
    I'm in Chapter Four: The Susceptibility Scale
    p. 65 mentions the online quiz above.

    My pick-up page is 75.
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    Jul 05, 2019 8:02 PM GMT
    Reply from the person who told me about the book
    So are you following the lines now?

    I have some Bright Dotted Lines which have gotten me from 262 to 252 pounds.

    Only because my bright dotted lines cannot get me to 230 pounds (20 more pounds) I decided to move toward Dr. Pierce. I love the improvement of being near 252 pounds rather than 262 pounds. I know I will love the improvement of being near 242 pounds rather than 252 pounds.

    But, for where I am now, I swim better at 252 pounds than I did at 262 pounds. Because I am swimming better and walking on the treadmill and elliptical better, I am monitoring if 3 more pounds will get me to maintain at 249 pounds.

    Another scientific rule I am following is making sure my Potassium intake is no longer less than 500 mg / day. Daily Potassium intake should be 3,500 to 4,500 mg / day. It has taken me weeks of grocery shopping to get that lifestyle locked in. Had to go to Whole Foods, Market Street, Kroegers to see how the new life plays out. And after finding a drink in the cold-pressed vegetable juices with 2,000 mg of Potassium, that was not the end. I had to modify it by pouring it into a Protein shaker and adding 8 oz of water to the 12 oz drink because it was too strong for my throat.

    I still go to Snap Kitchen at least 5 times a week. Recently I put 10 tablespoons of Beef Bone Broth in my Vegetable Protein Shaker because I was not eating often enough rice with steamed broccoli and yellow squash when I usually add the chicken or beef bone broth to a bowl of that.

    Who knows WHAT'S going to happen when I get a job and go back to work as an employee. I'm still making money as an investor in the stock market but I really want to get to a liquid net worth of a certain amount much faster than I am doing now.

    Stephen "Steven"
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    Jul 05, 2019 8:08 PM GMT
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    Jul 06, 2019 6:17 PM GMT
    Nutella - 2 tbsp (37g 18.5 x2) -
    21 grams Total Sugars, 19 grams Added Sugars
    200 Calories
    Price for 13 oz between $4 and $7

    Chocti Chocolate Ghee Srpead - Passionfruit, Cacao, Ghee, Dates - 1 T (19g) -
    9 grams Total Sugars, 0 grams Added Sugars
    80 Calories
    Price for 12 oz approximately $13.99

    My Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free Life Lesson
    Keep the income flowing into your bank account and spend the extra money on Chocti and buy and eat Nutella 1% of the time or less.