what to do about my transvestite fantasy?

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    Mar 10, 2009 3:08 AM GMT
    Hey all,
    Im younger male and I am currently in a serious relationship with a woman. Ive always had a strong sexual fantasy to perform oral sex on a penis. I dont know what it is but penises and sperm really turn me on. Although a man does not turn me on. This is why I am attracted to transvestites. Anyway I know i cant tell her about my fantasy because I know she wont understand. I am seriously considering pursuing this and I need some advice on how to find transvestites and how to approach them. I often travel alone for my work so finding them in the next big city should be easy right?

    I am just basiclly looking for a one night stand with transvestites. I dont want any relationship or anything. I basiclly want to suck some d**k and move on. How should I go about this? Should I just go to a gay bar, break the ice with an attractive transvestite and then get to the point? What do you all recommend?
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    Mar 10, 2009 2:03 PM GMT
    Erm... icon_confused.gif Before this turns into a flame war...

    Whatever turns you on I guess. Bear in mind that you ARE cheating. Whatever the reasons, you still are cheating.

    You could try out your fantasies with your gf you know. Strap-ons or something.

    You are also asking the wrong forum. LOL. I doubt anyone here would know much about transvestites/pre-op MTF transsexuals. Anyway, judgment aside. Just STAY SAFE.

    DO NOT SWALLOW. Use a condom. Ensure you don't have cuts in your mouth or anything like that. Read everything you can about the risk of STD's, especially HIV. Remember you are not only risking yourself, but your girlfriend AND family.

    I still suggest you try it out with a dildo or something WITH your girlfriend. If she goes along, you might have your problem solved easily. Note that you are talking about your entire life here. If you have this fetish now, you still probably will when you're married. And what will you do then? If she's not right for you, if she doesn't quite get everything about you, if she doesn't fulfill you sexually, think about it now. Because if you'll end up marrying her for all the wrong reasons, you'll only do a lot more damage later. Both to yourself, and to her.
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    Mar 10, 2009 2:32 PM GMT
    follow Sedative's advice...transvestites are not usually gay but are str8 or bi males..they get sexual pleasure from cross dressing....drag queens are almost always gay (there are a few str8 males) and dress to perform in shows...however some do have sex in drag in order to attract a str8 male....You can find all kinds of things on Craigslist including transvestites.icon_lol.gif
    I haven't been to a bar in years so I don't know if transvestites hang there or not. One of the young guys here should be able to answer that for you.
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    Mar 10, 2009 7:34 PM GMT
    While “Drag Queens” may almost always be gay, I have heard that most transvestites are heterosexual.

    I think Sedative is right when he says if you are in to this now you will probably be in to it forever. You are not going to just do it and get it out of your system.

    You could try looking on personals web sites for transvestites or Craig’s List.

    How would you feel about dating a pre-op transsexual? You could get a real woman with a dick.
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    Mar 10, 2009 7:49 PM GMT
    This is so complex I fear to address it. But as always, our wise-beyond-his-years Sedative gives excellent advice here.

    It's not clear to me why you want a transvestite penis; won't any penis do? (With the essential precautions Sedative states) Why this focus on trannys? Because they look enough like a woman to make cock-sucking less objectionable, less gay?

    I think you've got a lot of issues going on here. A penis is a penis; suck one and see what happens next. This obsession may go away, and you'll live happily ever after with a straight woman (which I'm not mocking at all, a truly fine way to live if that's for you).

    Or you may find that dick is hotter than snatch. Better to find out now before you make any serious commitments and mistakes.