So i met this guy a while back, at trainer at the local gym (not where i go but at one close by). N e ways, this guy was exactly my type and smoking hot. We go to his place and he had this dog. The dog's a total cutie who took a liking to me immediately. The ball of fur was sooo cute that i couldn't resist spending a few minutes playing with it (i think i made the owner a little jealous...hehe). N e after playing with the dog a bit, its time to play with the owner. We begin making out and the dog won't leave us alone. It's constantly jumping up and down trying to get my attention. So me and the guy go into the bedroom and start getting "down to business" while the dog's on the other side of the door doing god know's what. So some time goes by and the guy and I are right in the middle of it all when i feel something wet on my hand. I think its the guy but he's underneath me and from what i can recall, there's nothing in the room that would make my hand feel wet. So i hesitantly turn my head and see that the dog's somehow managed to enter the room and is on the bed licking my hand. I'm like "hmmmm....ooookaaayyyy...i honestly have no idea what to do right now" So as i'm i'n the midst ot contemplating my next sourse of action while trying to pretend that nothing's wrong, the guy notices the look on my face and then the dog (luckily). He unwraps himself from around me and shoos the dog away. By that time, the momen't kind been ruined, The two of u apologize to one another, I play with the dog a little more, wash the dog slobber off my hand and go home.

I told this story to a few friends who found the whole thing to be hilarious so i figured I'd share.

Anyone else have any similar experiences or experiences in bed that, in retrospect, actually ended up being something you and yoru friends laugh about now??