Madison, WI Gay Hockey, games start Oct 21st

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    Oct 17, 2007 10:26 PM GMT
    Madison Gay Hockey League (MGHA) starts its 2nd season Sunday (Oct 21st). There are 97 active players on the league divided into 6 teams (Jerseys : Green, Maroon, White, Sky Blue, Royal Blue and Yellow )

    There will be 3 games every Sunday starting Oct 21st thru Feb 24th, games start at 7:50pm, 9:00pm and 10:10pm at the Madison Ice Arena (The ice rink just off the west beltline).

    The MGHA League Final last year was attended by the WI Lt Govenor. In addition the local 10pm newscasts, all broadcast their sports reports live from the game.

    If you live in the Madison, WI area and want something to do on a Sunday night, your more than welcome to watch hockey at the Madison Ice Arena. Admission is free ;-)

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    Oct 21, 2007 2:24 AM GMT
    I keep hoping that someday, sooner or later, Detroit will start a gay hockey leauge like that. I've been looking and waiting for years...

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    Oct 25, 2007 11:14 PM GMT

    Just start one. Madison is tiny compared to Detroit. Smallest city to have a gay hockey team never mind a league. Also smallest city in the world to have a gay Rugby team too.

    If a small city of 200,000 can field 6 gay hockey teams , shouldn't be too hard to get a group of guys in Detroit together. Place an ad in the local gay publication and see if you get any interest. The interesting thing we are finding in both Hockey and Rugby is the amount of str8's who want to join. So far we have kept the numbers at over 90% lesbian and gay in Hockey.

    The Madison league started when a transplant from New York's league Patrick Farabaugh decided he missed playing Hockey for a gay team. Instead of sitting around he decided to start a gay hockey league.