Coronavirus Can Be Spread by Rimming: STUDY

  • metta

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    Mar 17, 2020 4:13 PM GMT
    Coronavirus Can Be Spread by Rimming: STUDY

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    Mar 18, 2020 5:23 AM GMT
    No more anal sex for straight people.
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    Mar 20, 2020 2:18 PM GMT
    I’d love to see Dr. Fauci address this, and other gay sex issues related to the coronavirus, at one of his briefings with Trump & Pence hovering in the background, trying to hog camera time. Pence would turn even whiter than he is, already one of the whitest men around. Trump’s color, though, being artificial, can’t change. Except maybe the untreated circles around his eyes could reveal a reaction.

    More seriously, in addition to rimming, I’d expect that any close contact, even clothed in normal activities around a carrier of the coronavirus, could lead to infection, why handshaking is discouraged (but which Trump has been violating). If you’ve gotten to the point of having his clothes off and are that close, the issue of whether rimming will transmit the virus might already be moot, too late to make much difference. Sure, don’t rim, but maybe no physical contact at all with strangers during this epidemic, sexual or otherwise.

    I did note the study indicates that the virus can be present in feces for a few days after it’s no longer actively present elsewhere in the body, the infected person asymtomatic and not otherwise contagious. I wonder if that narrow time window makes much difference in real-world situations? Likely still wiser to simply delay all sex with strangers until this epidemic is totally over. When in doubt, chill out, at least regarding sex.
  • JDuderrr

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    Apr 11, 2020 6:07 PM GMT
    1) Mouth is a mucous membrane. 2) Anus is a mucous membrane. 3) COVID enters the body through a mucous membrane. This is not rocket science. Here's what's troubling: Experts say this virus will not be eradicated, only quelled, and those who have had it may not retain immunity from reinfection for more than a few months. So with COVID continuing to circulate within society, even at reduced levels, must we now give up anilingus? . . . kissing? . . . BJs? I just finished up a series of three hepatitis vaccinations so good to go to Uranus and beyond, but now yet another cockblock? Meanwhile, I'm confined to the house with just the five Bros--F*CK!