Using Astrology to Avoid Victimization by Society, Lovers, Family Members, and Friends | Astrology for Avoiding Undesirable Places to Live
The Mars - Saturn Crossing/Paran

One of the least desirable places as here, there is suppression of the masculine that leaves one open for victimization, violence, cruelty, and sadism. Here is where physical concerns are dominant and where a pecking order forms with others taking frustrations out on you who must find people lower than yourself on whom to vent your rage.

Crowds, overexertion, and high places pose physical threats, and injury is likely.

Women become insistently dominant, and men coarse and cruel.

You pursue one direction ruthlessly but it hardly seems worth it. It is possible go overcome almost insurmountable obstacles by tenacity and brute force. This area could be good for those engaged in the roughest sort of livelihood (miners, laborers, steelworkers, pioneers).

Conditions are harder here than anywhere else, and usually wear you out in time. "Basic training" goes on forever.

Whatever is feminine, artistic, gentle, and sympathetic is notably absent in this locale, and sexuality is pursued without feeling.