I'm sharing my crazy training and eating schedule that is working for me. I went from 215 lbs before Christmas 2019 to 221 lbs on 1-1-2020. Not muscle. Started this Jan 2nd
20min @ 4:20 am, 9am and noon
Days : Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Shoulders, Abs, Legs and Sat. 1hn cardio

2 egg omelet w/ green onion, chopped turkey sausage colby cheese @ 4am
Either 2 tbs Peanut Butter w/4 wheat crackers or 2.5 oz spicy tuna post workout
Baked Fish or Chicken with greens at 6:30 pm

Joint supplement, garlic, multi-vit. upon wake up
MCT oil after Breakfast and noon
L-Arginine 30 min before each workout
Creatine X3 mix by Six Star after 2nd workout

Results were fast. I dropped to 215 lbs within a week. Floated around 210 lbs by week 3. It took another 2 week to get to 205 lbs however, I noticed the pounds I was lifting pike and pants are looser in the waist area. Co-workers started making comments on my transformation and joining me in the fitness center during breaks. I made it to 193 lbs at the time the gyms all closed due to the virus issues. Made a home gym with dumbbells and roof tie down elastic cords plus getting major running in. Without the heavy weights at the gym I have to do more sets and reps but my weight is staying the same. I believe my bulking while loosing has declined without the heavy lifting. Crazy program I know and not for everyone. Please share what is working for you.