The Efficient Wisdom of Astrology - Sidereal Pisces 2020, Angular House Rulers in H12, and the Saturn Return

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    May 27, 2020 10:22 PM GMT
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    Jun 03, 2020 6:18 PM GMT
    I need some guidance or interpretation of what my Birth chart might have for me
    that can help me prepare for what is to come in the Next coming months.

    I’m so fearful so many problems at my home fighting with my boyfriend and this is causing me to not to So well at my job.

    Thank you for using a Sidereal chart instead of a Tropical chart.

    What in your birth chart can help you prepare for what is coming in the coming months?

    Your North Node is in H1. It is not in H7, so, your boyfriend is not so important that you need to be fighting with him. Leave him. Either behave and stop being dysfunctional or end it. North Node in H1 means you're not here to put up with a bunch of relationship BS. If your North Node was in H7, I would change my tune 180 degrees.

    As for what's coming up in the coming months, help with a better diagram: post natal with transits or post natal, progressions, with transits.
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    Jun 03, 2020 6:43 PM GMT
    Please read my chart for marriage pot. and career

    Hi !
    I want to know my marriage potantial, am i gonna live alone forever? Or can i be happy with someone if i will marry? And ofcourse career... When will I have the luckiest time for my career?
    My info: (Female) 11 august 1993, 11:40am, Ankara,Turkey

    Please try to use the astro dot com website to produce your chart. I'll do it this time.

    Marriage potential?
    Do you have someone in mind? If so, your marriage potential is better than if you do not have someone in mind.

    = = =

    First, we are social beings raised by other human beings, so, know everyone has the potential to be married for survival purposes.

    Alright, let's look at your chart.

    Your Part/Lot of Fortune is in the 10th house and your North Node is in the 2nd house.
    Neither one are in strong relationship houses such as H3, H5, H7, H8, H11.

    Aries is at the cusp of your H7. The natural house of Aries is H1, not a strong relationship house.

    Career? Your chart looks good to me for having a career because your Sun, Mercury, and your Part of Fortune are in H10. Your career will likely cause you some sadness at times with Chiron in H10. I am thinking you will be an above average communicator. Have your leadership knowledge and skills ready.

    A shady leader is what I see with Jupiter and Mars in H12. Ascend that and do not be nefarious.

    H1 Pluto should give you some drive. North Node in H2: you're born to have earning capacity.

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    Jun 03, 2020 6:54 PM GMT
    Question about my jupiter.. how do I control it?

    Hi everyone!!

    I am getting to a point in my life where I see that my strong belief system can feel oppressive to others. I am generally a shy, introverted person, but have very strong beliefs. These beliefs confuse me because I feel like my very existence and purpose is to make the world a better place, but now, with all political events happening I am seeing how jupiter and belief systems are detrimental. How do I utilize the healthy parts and heal the strong savior side of jupiter?

    Thank you for your insight!!
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    Jun 03, 2020 7:08 PM GMT

    You're getting to a point in your life where you see that your strong belief system can feel oppressive to others.

    You have Chiron right there next to Jupiter and you have a transiting Chiron about to conjoin your Jupiter.
    Being oppressive to others can be wounding to you at this time, more so than usual.

    Yes, Jupiter is your most elevated chart object. That is the light you shine.

    Control your Jupiter by offering your Jupiter strengths and talents only to those who seek you out with the capacity to receive them graciously. Give yourself a vacation from being proactive with people with your strengths and talents.

    What's the vacation/seclusion? Look at your H12. Focus on improving your communication skills. Mercury and Venus are in H12. Work on a beautification project for yourself.