For many people, like myself, the NHL and NBA seasons don't really draw our interest until the playoffs begin.

Well the NHL playoffs are set. Glad to see my childhood team Penguins back in and hoping the local Sharks can FINALLY break through and make a Stanley Cup Final this year. Also good to see the Islanders, Rangers and Devils all in the playoffs. Wish I was hanging out in an NYC Sports Bar this week while these games are going on. Let the trash-talking begin...

Here are the matchups:

Eastern Conference

(8)New York Islanders vs. (1)Buffalo Sabres
(7)Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (2)New Jersey Devils
(6)New York Rangers vs. (3)Atlanta Thrashers
(5)Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (4)Ottawa Senators

Western Conference

(8)Calgary Flames vs. (1)Detroit Red Wings
(7)Minnesota Wild vs. (2)Anaheim Might Ducks
(6)Dallas Stars vs. (3)Vancouver Canucks
(5)San Jose Sharks vs. (4)Nashville Predators

There are few professional sports that can match the post-season excitement of NHL Playoff Hockey.

Drop the puck......