CUT body Fat

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    Oct 18, 2007 12:50 PM GMT
    hi I am new to working out,and I know this question has probaly been asked before,but how do you cut your body fat down? I am 5'11 224 lbs. need help !
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    Oct 19, 2007 3:54 AM GMT
    Well, to start..... There are a couple of factors that will determine how much weight will be gained and lost. Gain in this sense will be the gain in muscle vs. in weight. The people I have helped in both gain in muscle and lose in weight followed two main factors which are (1) Healthy in-takes (food/liquid) (2) Getting involved/Will power.

    Many may disagree or agree that by increasing your intake in food will boost/speed up your metabolism. Eating more then 4 meals a day will do the trick. The theory behind this method is.... since your body needs energy to burn energy, it needs to be fed. If the body is not fed, it stores what ever intake it gets and that becomes fat. You say how.... hmmmm since your body is not receiving any source of energy; it tells itself to store any intake for later use. If you feed your body every two hours, your metabolic rate speeds up. ** of course you know not to eat any fast foods, candies, white breads, fried ANYTHING or any other junk.... **** RIGHT****** With that said... make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Walk around with a bottle of water... And no not soda or any drink with sugar... lol

    ** note** get familiar with the machines... if you don't know about the equipment, you should have a personal trainer walk you through... its free, why not ask away. Slowly build up your progression with treadmills and other fat burning equipment…. Don’t over do it… and bore yourself within the first week.. Take small steps.

    Only you can make yourself achieve this attainable goal.... and I hope that you’re losing the weight because you want to lose weight! If the "want" is positive then your outcome and goal will be seen fairly quickly... I would say a couple of months.

    MOST Important…. If you are over weight, please understand that you must build muscle. If you do not build muscle, you will have floppy/hanging skin….. by building muscle you tighten your skin and tone….. There are articles here at that can help you reach your goal.

    Well I tried… Best of luck to you …. And may this be the start of a healthier life style for you.