We Returned To Cafe Vico Again Today, For Lunch & Business

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    Jun 25, 2020 1:17 AM GMT
    Where we went last week for a friend’s birthday, that I mentioned in another RJ post. This time with the owners of a US vodka start-up company. The owner of Cafe Vico (vee-coh) agreed to carry their vodka. It’s really incredibly smooth (named 'Fifty States'), although I’m not a big vodka drinker myself.

    So in return they bought our lunch. I had a wonderful Veal Francaise. My guy had flounder on linguini with a white sauce.

    They want to do more for us, because we really put them on the map down here, with our connections. But we don’t need money, we just like them, want to see a US company thrive.

    The father made his money in construction, and he & his wife wanted their son & daughter to become independent with their own shared business. So they created ‘Fifty States’ for them to run. It was the father & son who had lunch with us today.

    Yah gotta admire a family like that. That’s why we help them. And they have no issue with us being gay.

    Although today, over lunch, I mentioned my military career, and that my guy had worn a uniform, too. The father & son were shocked. I’m guessing they had the stereotypical image of wimpy, wussy, effeminate fags. We were happy to disillusion them, in a friendly way.

    So we had a lovely lunch there again, as we’ve had over the years. If you find yourself in Fort Lauderdale, look up Cafe Vico for lunch. You can’t beat their prices for superb food.
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    Jun 25, 2020 1:54 AM GMT
    And here’s a twist I knew nothing about. My guy just showed me a gift certificate for Cafe Vico. It was given to him today at lunch as an early birthday present (his birthday is in late July). For $200.

    I *HATE* receiving gifts myself. I have everything I need, I don’t want gifts, ever. But it was for both of us to enjoy, though nominally for his birthday, and so why I think it wasn't mentioned to me at the table.

    So now my own birthday present for him needs special consideration (I hate receiving presents, but hypocritically delight in giving them). Perhaps a new iPhone for him, although I usually wait until October when Apple releases the latest models. Or perhaps a new computer for him. I need to decide soon, to have the present ready by the third week of July.