Man transformation is a great site with a wealth of knowledge to help treat the Mind, Body and Spirit. I think that because of that that more people are able to be successful than with other programs.

There seems to be a lack of a gay people on the site though. It has been such a great resource or me so I am just passing it along.

Inversely I notice that there is very little reference on here to Body for Life. I cannot understand why this would be the case since millions have made successful transformations with BFL.

If anything the nutritional plan in Eating-for-Life is worth looking at if you are set in your own routine. I was doing one of the twelve week programs in here for eight weeks with zero results and as soon as I added the nutrition plan from EFL to my routine I gained muscle and lost fat incredible fast.

I know I sound a bit like a paid advertiser for Bill Phillips but I'm not. I just really appreciate how much his program has helped me.