I love when guys ask: “How do you stuff those little rings?” Duh, no, it’s the whole squid body, from which the rings are sliced. And other fresh herbs from his garden.

And his stuffing includes very small shrimp, also known as salad shrimp. Usually some mushrooms, too, both sautéed in butter & wine first.

Some bread crumb stuffing, too, that I make, and some crumbled Ritz crackers. You only fill the tubes about 1/2, because the contents swell. The sealed tubes go into a spicy tomato sauce he makes, in a casserole dish, for about an hour at 350℉.

OMG, everyone loves them! We can’t make enough for everyone, so we have to be very careful who we make them for. And who we let know he's making these, or others of his creations. Everybody wants his stuff!