Open Table Online Reservation Service During The Coronavirus

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    Aug 14, 2020 11:14 PM GMT
    I’ve used Open Table online reservation in the US for years, mainly when vacationing. But today I was reminded that it makes even more sense during the coronavirus restrictions of limited restaurant dining, even locally.

    A couple of friends wanted to have brunch with us this Sunday. We got the task of making the reservations at a local place we all agreed upon, because we know it very well and is near us, where we’ll dine al fresco under an umbrella.

    I’ve made phone reservations there before, but we were told no longer. We’d have to make them using Open Table, which at first seemed strange, being just blocks from us. But it makes sense for them, with fewer tables spaced at greater intervals and walk-ins difficult to handle. I just completed the reservation.

    It assures us we’ll have a table at the time we want. Whereas any walk-ins, if they take them at all, will have to wait outside with proper social distancing, in the Florida heat.

    Before the virus, with full seating, this place was packed for Sunday brunch, they gave walk-ins a pager and you might wait 90 minutes to be seated. That some people would try to do at their large bar, but now you can’t sit there with the present rules.

    It’s already risky going into a restaurant, even with outdoor dining as we’ll be doing. We sure as Hell weren’t going to hang around outside waiting for our pager to buzz.

    In recent years most good restaurants are using Open Table. You might wanna consider it if you’re contemplating restaurant dining. Although we’re still avoiding most places that are entirely indoors.

    Nevertheless, 5 of us did have an indoor lunch last week, in a huge cathedral ceiling place, where the nearest diners to us were over 20 feet away. And our large round table could’ve easily sat 8, while we were just 5. I’ve heard of distance learning - I guess this is distance dining.
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    Aug 15, 2020 12:03 PM GMT
    I neglected to mention, that after your online reservation is confirmed, Open Table gives you the option to automatically download the event to your computer’s calendar app, including the confirmation number, and phone & map links. For us that’s into Apple’s Calendar (iCal).

    In our case that also means it being shared with all our mobile devices like our iPhones & iPads through our iCloud account. That tell us when to depart from our present location, based on current drive time estimations. You also get an email confirmation, that you can print.

    I suppose many of you guys take these things for granted today, but the sophistication still amuses and even amazes me. I’m used to operating in the era of picking up a phone and speaking to the maître d’, and figuring out the rest myself.

    And in today’s coronavirus environment you really gotta contact them first, because hours & dining conditions, including smaller menus, are constantly changing in our area of South Florida, and I would assume elsewhere, too. Well, at least the 2 of us are adaptable, both to technology and to these conditions.