Jesus is a Jewish version of Paul.

Paul converts from Judaism to a larger Gentile audience within the Roman Empire. He makes a Jewish version of himself (Pauline Christology) because he was an observant Jew first.

This is why Jesus speaks of God as his father and Paul does not. (I am referencing the the Jesus-Paul debate circa the beginning of the 20th century.) God the Father has to refer to the God of the Torah or the Septuagint at-large. God is the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not the descendant of those outside those three patriarchs.

I do not recall you doing a post on the Jesus-Paul debate which compares the Christology of Jesus to the Christology of Paul--how much content DID that vision on the way to Damascus inform Paul.

Other than Paul being weak about God the Father, is there anything else Paul does not pick up from Jesus?