AussieBeef said
Tuchelevanita said
AussieBeef saidWhy I will never visit China. One never knows what they are eating, so long as it's fresh, the Chinese will eat anything. Big reason for this Panasonic.
As a kid I love to go rabbiting.
I prefer to do it with Whippits, as they not only catch the rabbits, but kill them too. Funny though if a beef cow was raised on the farm, then killed for freezing, I could never eat any of it.
Now that would be classified as high quality grass feed beef.

You should eat dogshit. Then wash it down with bleach.

Well faceless troll. You should take your own advice dear.

Hey mate?
I am so upset right now.
I only told maybe 5 people that my mother is dying of cancer and that's why I'm taking her for treatments in Calgary.
There is an absolute asshole wih no pictures on the forum who wrote the most vile, unspeakable things about her.
Go look and could you please report both his posts on the forum as spam?
His name is Tuchelevanita. (the same one you just quoted)
I can't even handle being here after reading what he said..
Thanks pal.