iPhone OS 3.0 App Idea

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    Mar 18, 2009 6:40 PM GMT
    So after watching the iPhone OS SDK announcement yesterday I got to thinking while I was at the gym. One of the cool features they announced was applications being able to take advantage of the doc connector. They showed off a few ideas like a Blood Pressure Cuff, or a Glucose Monitor.

    While I was on the treadmill I got to thinking. There are some manufactures out there that allow you to doc your iPod with their treadmill, why not take it a step further. Create an app that would let you create a play list of music at home that you link up with speed / incline for the treadmill. Then you get to the gym, plug it in and start your workout. It could eventually be expanded out to other equipment like bikes or the elliptical machines. It could even record your progress and graph it in landscape mode.
  • EricLA

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    Mar 18, 2009 9:53 PM GMT
    I don't think you'd even need a dock to the equipment. Besides, there are a few problems with that: first, gyms usually takes years to replace equipment, second, would you want to dock your expensive iPhone or iPod touch to a treadmill, then have it accidentally yank out and crash to the floor? Probably not. But, given the APIs they mentioned yesterday that are now available to developers, it might be possible to achieve what you're looking for based on the built-in sensors the iPhone and iPod touch have built-in. The sensors could determine the level of "shaking" caused by your run and set the type of music. It would make sense the app would have a + or - button to increase the tempo, if you wanted. I want to say I've already heard of an app that does something similar somehow, but don't think it was exercise related.

    Definitely an idea, though.

    Can't wait to play with the iPhone OS 3.0 when it comes out this summer. But the next question is what the 3rd generation iPhone model (models?) will be able to do. And whether I can resist upgrading from last year's model. Guess we should find out the answer to that question in June-ish.