"You must be 18 years or older to... Eat Fast Food!"

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    Mar 22, 2009 3:31 PM GMT
    You have to be...
    ...18 years old to smoke
    ...18 years old to fight for your country
    ...18 years old to vote
    ...16 years old to drive (at least in my state)
    ...21 years old to drink
    ...18/21 year old to watch/buy porn


    Parents can take their children to McDonald's at a very young age and feed them habit-forming garbage.

    Obesity is a major problem in this country and many overweight people are addicted to food--which has been proven.

    Why do we ban minors from doing all of the above, yet we allow them to eat junk and crap? both are quite harmful in my book. I learned in 5th grade "Just say no to drugs and cigerettes!" Yet no one taught us about the harmful aspects of junk food and many fast food resturantes.

    So a kid could eat McDonald's his whole adolescents, and when he turns 18 he turns down drugs, smoking, and alcohol. Yet that kid--now an adult--dies at age 33 from a heart attack... being overweight all his life and weighing 450 at the time of his death.

    And sadly, children in the lower economic class tend to be heavier--junk food/fast food is cheap

    Do we ban unhealthy foods from minors? Everyone?

    Is over eatting/eaating junk food consistantly for many years just as harmful/addicting as smoking?

    Should the FDA be doing more to educate us about the harmful effects from eatting junk food/fast food?

    Should McDonald's be forced to abandon "Happy Meals" and other advertising towards children?

    Or do you think it should be left alone.... people have enough common sense what to eat?

    What do you think?

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    Mar 22, 2009 7:28 PM GMT
    You tell the nation's children the news....I won't stand behind you!
    ...................children of the corn Pictures, Images and Photos

    OMG, you are a food nazi. It's fine that you think this way, it's the typical course to take when pondering how to promote responsible living (MAKE THEM DO IT). However, this is the wrong approach because it limits people's freedoms. If a child grows up under parenting that wasn't the best, that is unfortunate, but by only tackling the issue of fast food, you aren't even scratching the surface of a "bad" upbringing. Education of the parents and the children is your only option. Anything else involves marching into people's home and controlling them.

    .....You can't even allow yourself to go there, that's wrong. At this point in time, I think the hazards of smoking, drinking, and over eating are becoming much more well known than say 10 years ago. People are making decisions now to ease the pressure these habits put on any home they are allowed to gain a foot hold. I think you are forgetting about people who drink occasionally and eat fast food sparingly. I'm one, I don't have kids, but I know people who have kids and enjoy the occasional drink or burger, their kids don't suffer for it.

    I'd imagine that in households with heavy drinking and eating that these are the least of that households problems, just an outward manifestation of dysfunctional values and sub par standards. In guilty terms, the parents are fucking stupid. You can prohibit fast food all day long and it won't change that the parents don't regularly make informed choices about what's good for them or their kids. If you can't get them to be more thoughtful and judicious towards life in general, you probably couldn't expect that they'd obey rules/laws prohibiting fast food anyway or if they did obey, that they would also yield to controlling the possibility of mental, sexual, physical abuse or neglect in their home. Plenty of people do that now and there is no law making them. That's because it takes a certain mindset to do the right things.

    Bottomline, life is not fair. There will be bad homes and parents who make the decision to do the wrong thing. Some parents are just ignorant and educating them through the media, community outreach, and accessable literature could help change their decisions, but some people know about obesity, second hand smoke, domestic abuse, and child abuse, but their homes are still a wreck. My ****** is abusive and his last girlfriend was a fricken operator for a domestic abuse hotline and yes, he did beat her often and yelled at her kids, and she suspects, messed with her child. When he dumped her, guess who called who begging to be taken back? See that's the problem here, stupid people, not lack of knowledge or lack of laws prohibiting bad behavior.

    That's why your rationality is flawed because children don't have to be....

    ...18 years old to get asthma from second hand smoke
    ...18 years old to die, not in a war, but in their home which is just like one.
    ...18 years old to (vote) be affected by that past eight years.
    ...16 years old to die because of a drunk driver
    ...21 years old to suffer because a parent drinks
    ...18/21 year old to watch/buy porn that dad left out easily accessable.

    Children already have zero freedom, they are at the mercy of their parent's intelligence levels until they themselves can get old enough to prioritize, build their own value systems, and contemplate their own future, which a child's brain is able around fifth or sixth grade.

    The fact that kid's eventually grow up and have the ability to make informed decisions of their own even if they are coming from a dysfunctional home, is the only hope we really have. This is why schools need to be more equal and every child should be privy to the best education beyond just books, but also values, responsibility, and good citizenship. I've written to long already, but I think a good start for schools would be uniforms. Schools seem so informal these days. I think more institutionalization in schools will really drive home how important it is. For many kids, what they will learn will be all they've got. They won't get anything from mom and dad except bad habits and bad memories.

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    Mar 22, 2009 8:18 PM GMT
    Your post has a lot of good points. And I agree that some people are able to eat fast foods in moderation.

    But there are indeed food additives which are addicting. and the marketing styles by many junk food/fast food companies are highly unethical in my opinion. Same way how the market's floorplan designs are usually unethical.

    It is all about selling as much product as possible. Yet the company officals seem not to care that their products are quite unhealthy and are possible harming the health of the country. Just look at the portions in this country.

    Purhaps the government should stay out of this. But companies will not stop willingly producing unhealthy foods... they will do what they can make money.

    Education yes. What is sad... it will take probably many decades before we see positive results from education IF it indeed works. Positive results could come much sooner if CEO start marketing healthy food and care not about just money.
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    Mar 22, 2009 8:29 PM GMT
    It's all about $$$$$. Sadicon_cry.gif
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    Mar 22, 2009 10:38 PM GMT
    I don't think law makers should do the parenting by introducing asinine laws. Parents should stop being lazy and take responsibility for the welfare of their own children.