Gaining Muscle while Staying Lean?

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    Mar 22, 2009 3:41 PM GMT
    Is this possible??? I've spent most of the winter trying to put on a bit of muscle (I'm a small guy). I'm sure I've put on a bit of mass, but I also put on more fat than I'd hoped. I've been eating A LOT and lifting 5-6 days a weak, so I thought my body would use it all up. Maybe not though =P

    Anyways, now that summer's approaching and I don't wanna feel insecure about taking off my shirt in public, I'm wondering if it's possible to still put on muscle (or at least, sustain muscle) while losing a bit of fat. I'm not talking about anything drastic here -- I weigh 135lbs and I'm 5' 4-1/2. I don't necessarily want to lose any weight - maybe just a few pounds in the end. But what I really don't want to do is lose what little muscle I've gained over the past 6 months.

    Is this possible? The end goal would be a lean, nicely defined body for the summer. All tips/suggestions/discussions welcome!!

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    Mar 22, 2009 5:15 PM GMT
    WHEN are you eating what you are eating. I learned the hard way that if you eat lots in big blocks it has a different effect from eating a small/medium amount frequently. If we both eat 4,000 calories a day but yuo eat it in two huge meals and I eat it in 8 small ones then there will be differnt results.

    I´m also about to go on a cut phase and don´t want to loose muscle. HIIT and keep lifting and eating. avoid steady state cardio....

    I´m sure you´ll look great icon_twisted.gif
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    Mar 26, 2009 7:19 AM GMT
    In my experience... No its not possible, lol. Maybe if you had the perfect diet and unlimited time in the gym...But basically for me, I am either bulking or cutting.

    When I am bulking, I know I am putting on both fat and muscle. Cutting, I am removing both fat and muscle. Hopefully, when I bulk my diet (high protein, spread out throughout the day as lostboy mentioned) will allow me to put on more muscle than fat. And when I am cutting, whether I am doing low intensity steady state cardio or HIIT, I should be losing more fat than muscle because I am still eating right, lifting weights, and not doing the types of cardio known to burn muscle (eg medium to high intensity steady state).

    Although yo-yoing between bulking and cutting seems counterproductive, I have found it to be much more effective than some sort of compromise between the two. Since you are looking to trim down and look good at the beach, start cutting. Supplementing with glutamine and creatine is another trick that might help you hold onto muscle. Good luck man.