Poetry can't be that bad

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    Oct 23, 2007 8:42 PM GMT
    I marvel at these free form verses. They are so good.
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    Oct 23, 2007 9:59 PM GMT
    once or twice
    i ran from mice
    and three or four times
    i've paid for my crimes
    and maybe one time if at all
    did i ever let go of it all
    accidentally pulled a punch
    chalked it all up to a hunch
    left the safety on my gun
    used my judgement only once
    left the safety on my gun
    used my judgement only once

    once in a very pale blue moon
    a December acting just like June
    a dancer with a broken hand
    a painter with a broken band
    an activist without a stand
    an answer having no demand
    with water pouring out like sand
    divided by a hundred grand
    but once in every lifetime comes
    the aching cry of laughing drums
    with water pouring out like sand
    provided by a single hand
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    Oct 23, 2007 10:03 PM GMT
    Holy War

    the heart is something
    the soul is something
    the hands are nothing to fear
    the pain is nothing
    the shame is nothing
    the song is something to hear
    this floor is nothing
    this ceiling moving
    the walls will just disappear
    move together
    birds of a feather
    just like in heaven
    and go forever
    we go forever
    we cause commotion
    consume the ocean
    and break the bondage
    of earth and sea
    cross a country
    from sea to sea
    in search of chemistry
    losing me
    we still the waters
    on our own orders
    erase a border
    the coming order

    these are those days
    ladies and gentlemen?
    these are those days

    all round as our temples collapsed
    many stood watching as sinners relapsed
    wondering and hoping that maybe, perhaps
    those in violation would surrender their maps
    the dna, the rna, the genome
    something, anything that would lead them back home

    the world has something
    it's all consuming
    disease just doesn't compare
    with children burning
    a virus learning
    history doesn't prepare
    the heart is something
    the soul is something
    the hands are nothing to fear
    war is nothing
    and famine - nothing
    keep your children near
    war is nothing
    keep your children near
    a church is something
    a mosque is something
    a temple something to fear
    the thing to remember is
    to wash your hands at every chance
    avoid each other
    the problem is molecular
    the problem isn't secular
    or necessarily particular
  • phill

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    Oct 24, 2007 3:22 PM GMT
    thanks for the compliments. I'm amazed by some of the talent in this thread. Keep the coming guys. here is one more: (i just noticed this is another poem about me contemplating a boyfriend why they slept. I have trouble sleeping and find myself thinking often times through the night)

    Alan: The Dreaming.

    your body tells secrets
    when it sleeps
    of dreams gone by and times unchanged
    where magic and beauty
    and chaotic turbulence reign supreme
    making your own iconic sense of heroism

    The waking you
    who lives in the dreaming
    cut off from outlets
    feeling separated and at times misunderstood
    exacerbation through ceaseless voices of nothingness
    with constant motion but no expression

    The bridge that separates the two
    burns bright
    a beacon
    to be stoked, nurtured, released from its cocoon
    crying out for understanding
    or sympathy

    guilt, powerlessness, a constant beratement of self
    I am strong
    I need no one you seem to say
    with words left unspoken
    wandering looks of quiet destitute

    With pressed ear i listen to the sound of your destiny beating in time through breaks of breathing
    a touch here
    light as a feather
    gathering energy to weave the rafters of insight that beseech me
    he feels so disconnected
    ...I Contemplate...
    measuring the content of this chakra
    or that knot of memory manifested in that tension
    I blanket him in my truth
    without hesitation or bias.
    and drift off to sleep
    enmeshing myself in his dreaming
    to unravel the secrets
    of truth
    from the fabric of being.
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    Oct 30, 2007 6:38 PM GMT
    Locked away
    in the darkest corner
    there I sit and wait

    my emotional self
    chained and broken
    by me and those who hurt me

    Now am I strong?
    Now am I man?
    Will things go back to the way they were before?

    There I sit
    in the darkest corner
    praying for a way to be free

    Locked within this tower
    waiting for the day
    the day that I will be me

    Time stands still
    as I lean over the edge
    the water frozen in waves upon the shore

    "what am I doing?" I ask
    "leaving" the wind tells me
    "because your not wanted" the sun tells me
    "how come?"
    "because your different" the sea tells me
    "can't I be normal?"
    "no" the earth tells me

    I lean over the edge
    of this cliff
    and see the waves frozen
    the beach empty

    "Surely someone wants me" I say
    "Who?" the wind asks
    "I don't know"
    "Then how do you know?" the sun asks
    "I feel it"
    "How do you know your not wrong?" the sea asks
    "I don't"
    "Then why not leave?" the earth asks

    I look again at the still waves
    the empty beach
    and the still grass
    time starts again

    "How can I find him?" I ask
    "Travel" the wind tells me
    "Everywhere" the sun tells me
    "Where do I begin?"
    "Start at home" the sea tells me
    "Will I find him?"
    "yes" the earth tells me

    I look down
    the waves crash upon the beach
    sweeping away grains of sand
    the wind blows over my face
    and the grass bends
    the sun sets

    "I must go now" I say
    "How will you know him?" the wind asks
    "I will know him"
    "How do you know your going the right way?" the sun asks
    "Time will tell me"
    "When will you leave?" the sea asks
    "Will you be happy?" the earth asks

    I turn around and walk back from the cliff
    away from the beach and the sea
    away from the grass
    I turn and leave to find him

    the next three have actually been published, but I really only like beneath the willow tree. *shrug*

    It was a day like any other,
    except that was the day you left.
    No word, no warning, just an empty house
    and an empty heart.
    The void to fill, immeasurable.
    The hollowness, insurmountable.
    The loneliness, bone chilling.
    And yet, in the darkness all alone,
    I saw a light. Dim and pale sure,
    but a glimmer of hope none the less.
    It took me years but I finally made it.
    Found the hope I had long since lost.
    I sought to rebuild my life,
    and leave you in the dust of my mind,
    as you left me in the filth of that house.
    But that was too good, too soon, for me to feel.
    You returned to me, but only to dim the light some more.
    Making it harder to find. But I will find that light,
    and when I do, you will never touch it again.
    For this is my light, my life, my hope.

    Beneath the Willow Tree
    I sit beneath the willow tree
    As time and pain has ravaged me
    Blood drips from my wrist and ankles
    And my body shakes and trembles
    I look into the sky
    And watch my life pass by
    As I watch this hallucination
    I begin to pale
    I've lost too much now
    I cannot be saved
    No machine or magick
    Can resurrect this corpse
    No one will see or hear me go
    No one will care or know
    But in this demure place
    I lose face
    And break down into tears.

    True Love is Infinite
    You are the reason I open my eyes
    The way I love you I can't deny
    My arms long to draw and hold you near
    Forever in my heart I hold you dear
    I'll never understand the light you give
    so long with you my life I live
    You keep my feet on solid ground you keep my
    world turning round n round
    Your love is like the smell of a rose
    the scent of a daisy and like the touch of
    water smooth lathering and warm
    You my love are what I look to wake up to
    every morning and go to sleep with every
    Your love is the center of my mind my heart
    my world
    You share with me your love so sweet
    and your expectations I strive to reach
    with you I will grow into someone new
    so that you will be with me and I will be with you forever
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    Oct 30, 2007 7:38 PM GMT
    Who am I?

    By: Worldtrekker07

    I am...
    With an empty heart, hiding
    Deep within
    Waiting to be discovered
    A boy, a man

    I question...
    Whether love is immortal
    Innocent as a baby
    In our dreams
    Leading us on

    I heed...
    A voice that haunts my thoughts
    Whispering warnings
    Shapeless, bodiless
    Taking my very breath

    I glimpse...
    A man, sad, lonely
    Tears falling in anguish
    To pool at his feet
    As proof of the secrets

    I covet...
    Stillness like early morning dawn
    The resonance of dreams, healing
    The numb that freezes the emotion
    The wanting

    I am
    A man

    I imagine...
    That life is endless, immortal
    And time is forever
    Happiness is for tomorrow
    Sleep is for the lifeless

    I feel...
    Too greatly, to intensely for nothing
    Too true for make-believe
    Yet eyes don't see my reflection
    Upon the glass of darkness and light

    I hold...
    An angel's wing, in wonder, in need
    In search of lost hope
    Alas, my fingers slip -- I fall
    Trying to grasp once again

    I fear...
    I am alone; that I have missed
    Missed my chance at all -- but
    What would save me from falling --
    And how will I know?

    I cry...
    For all that is mine, for worry of bursting
    Losing my soul and all that is attached,
    Lying alone, emptied, and crying
    For all that was and has gone astray

    I am
    A man

    I recognize...
    Life is real, you pave it for yourself
    At times, rocky and broken
    Making the path slow moving
    Like climbing an unreachable peak

    I declare...
    We are defined by those around us
    Pieces broken off and pasted back on
    Always the true us deep within, waiting
    With hope, to be set free

    I dream...
    Of far places that appear
    To be imprisoned, unreachable
    Birds that soar freely across the skies
    Carrying me past land and the heavens

    I try...
    To be a leader, not by telling
    But by my actions, virtues
    Not by a gift of giving which holds for a day
    But a gift of knowledge lasting a lifetime

    I am
    A man
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    Nov 01, 2007 4:36 AM GMT
    Reflection on a Wicked World

    Is obscurity.

    by Ogden Nash
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    Jan 07, 2008 2:33 AM GMT
    There are some great poems on here, keep up the great work guys!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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    Jan 07, 2008 3:11 AM GMT
    Shakephere hate our Emo Poems.
  • phill

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    Jul 27, 2008 9:21 PM GMT
    i wrote this about my adhd medicine today:

    Eucharist: God would be nothing if he is truely forgiving

    unwrap, unravel and place
    tongue tingling
    dissolving my inhibitions
    as it slowly absorbs
    blood streaming
    a flowing highway of life
    amped up
    Jacked in

    Time reverses
    and snaps crystal clear


    single thoughts
    single digit emotional I.Q.
    and then nothing
    a blissful silence
    away from the maddening influence of structure and deeper meaning
    everything always begging to be understood in context and out
    this nothing
    this joyful, eventful nothing
    not even the sound of silence
    but the absence of everything
    an inner out of body experience


    It never lasts long enough
    before the rushing sound of chaos
    grips once more
    with cautious uncertainty
    Its self conscious noise of abysmal gesticulation
    like a high line pulse pick axing through the center
    and always
    the human need to extract information from it.
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    Jul 27, 2008 9:31 PM GMT
    I'll hop in! icon_biggrin.gif One of my poems:

    Demon Tears

    Our ivory wings,
    The winds tore away,
    Fiery tears of heaven, we fell.
    The salvation,
    We no longer pray,
    We burn bright in the plains of Hell.

    You daughters of Eve,
    You who had courage,
    To taste what has been forbidden.
    You who birthed the mind,
    And levied bondage,
    Deaf now to the serpent awoken.

    We who struck your chains,
    Are we now your foe?
    We have given you your freedom.
    You who were once thralls,
    Where now will you go?
    Seeking yet another kingdom?

    You sons of Adam,
    Skyward you strive to rise,
    Only witness our damned kin.
    Your God is cruel,
    You'll realize,
    He who can not forgive our sins.

    Is it innocence,
    Is it ignorance?
    We who did not want to be sheep.
    Is this paradise,
    This deliverance?
    Or the meek flock the shepherd keeps?

    You callow mortals,
    Wandering aimless.
    Forever searching for tethers.
    From shackles of guilt,
    We granted egress,
    With fondness you now remember.

    Isn't it better,
    To be lost and free?
    Than to travel the beaten paths?
    Isn't it enough,
    To finally see?
    Through the fogs of His selfish wrath?

    We who dream our lives.
    You who live your dreams,
    We shall never understand you.
    Why does the salmon,
    Meet death far upstream?
    Why deny what we know is true?

    We the abandoned,
    To torment eternal,
    We who will not be His cattle.
    Learn from us young souls,
    We the infernals,
    We who had lost the first battle.

    We facets of God,
    Soulless immortals.
    We who had been at the origin.
    Angels untarnished,
    Demons primeval.
    We who will rise at armageddon.

    We scattered orphans,
    Forgotten children,
    For us there is no forgiveness.
    Flickering night,
    The shadow-hidden,
    We brilliant shards of the darkness.

    Our ebony wings,
    Unrepentance borne,
    No more whips to make us follow.
    The eyes now open,
    The lies we now scorn,
    Who needs Heaven when it's all hollow?

    Learn from us.
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    Jul 27, 2008 9:55 PM GMT
    This is where I keep mine


    I am a regular, younger member on this site,
    but I believe in keeping my words faceless for
    more understanding.

    fell free to look and comment and share
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    Jul 27, 2008 10:10 PM GMT
    Funny that I just wrote one (first draft anyway), and just logged on to RJ and saw this thread..!

    Written w/ my recent ex in mind who had an idyllic life up till 8 y.o., experienced being abandoned by his parents, and who needed me to be daddy (and mommy) for too long, sadly. And now feels abandoned by me. TMI..? icon_wink.gif

    Thanks to all above for the inspiration, too...

    The Orphan (as Time Being)

    Held by love
    a secure net
    of family
    innocently experienced
    as a seemingly
    everlasting hug
    every day
    a little morsel of eternity
    like a tender crumb
    of endless pink chiffon birthday cake
    whose ingredients include
    a lovingly chaotic
    weekday morning family breakfast
    with older sisters rushing to leave for school
    a graying father singing and whistling while shaving and
    a tirelessly devoted mommy working hard to mysteriously meet all needs
    punctuated by
    bursts of concern
    + limit keeping
    throughout the day
    + sometimes frustration
    + tenderness
    of knowing safety
    feeling as precious as a soft pink-skinned
    vessel filled with thousands of prior generations’ hopes for continued revolution
    of the vulnerable wheel
    of desiring the loving
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    May 29, 2009 5:17 AM GMT

    We need more poetry guys icon_smile.gif
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    May 29, 2009 5:26 AM GMT
    tafkalil said******BUMP******

    We need more poetry guys icon_smile.gif

    hmm... this is the latest thing I have been playing around for my next book.

    the pearl

    i tried to pry the
    clam of your lips
    digging for sand
    in your guts
    and when they would not budge
    i bound you to
    the furnace
    promising to steam your aquatic
    safety seal a part if you did
    not open them
    and so i lit the spark
    that bounced
    a cough
    a hiss
    the multiple sound explanation of
    please i cried
    my hands the platter to your sweating
    the salt so bitter
    reminding why we grew legs and left
    the sea
    just open your lips
    but by then
    your skin had become leather become
    skin once again though no longer
    attached to your
    the smell of barbeque is similar
    to the love of
    look what you made me do
    when at last your lips broke
    the last exhale
    salmon leapt from your body
    and my tongue could finally enter to
    retrieve that pearl
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    May 29, 2009 5:34 AM GMT

    The sound of the rain
    When it cascades down through that expanse
    which seperates the sky and ground
    beings a sense of hopelessness with it
    The sounds of that water
    when it hits the serene earth
    the hopelessness...
    The rain now seems to mate with the lightning
    Abusing the sky's grace and
    demolishing the humble earth
    it seems to bring to me a reason
    to live again
    Oh the sound of that thunder
    when it hits the ground
    the hope it brings...
    I remember the rain and the lightning
    after the storm has cleared
    And now I know the nexus we share
    It seems that we've all fallen

    That's such a cute poem. :3 my lackadaisical attempt at being a poet. hahahahah
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    May 29, 2009 4:28 PM GMT
    Those were pretty good guys, keep em coming icon_smile.gif
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    May 30, 2009 3:32 AM GMT

    Grass trampled beneath unforgiving feet
    tears that retreat below a guilty face
    Like a heart with no chambers
    Or an obscure thought without place
    One left foot and no partner to dance
    Like a life with no rain
    two hands with no chance
    A young love with no blame
    A hopeful head that hangs low
    On a prayer in the sun
    Children dancing in rivers
    Like salvation will come
    A lonely petal on a rose
    just waiting to die
    A weathered rock in the canyon
    where the earth greets the sky....

    There is no rhythm at all to this cause its just off my head. I can hold my own though i think.