It seems that the only ones I attract are the people who want to cheat on their husbands: be it hetero and homo! Earlier yesterday, I had to check out prematurely as the middle-aged woman next to my room hit on me on the elevator twice and aggressively --in the presence of her cute baby in a stroller --FUCK, I NEVER FELT SOOO NERVOUS BEFORE!!! --being fondled and stuff-- the bitch was Swedish and her hubby was a disgusting Russian.
Then earlier tonight over dinner, I was sooooo disappointed about this South African-English combo who got married in 2007 --I adored them since meeting both of them in 2004, but clearly, the former wants to cheat on the latter with me... I did and still do fancy him but.................. yeah, I let him fuck me tonight. Bare. I HATE MYSELF RIGHT NOW.
Do I give that signal out loud??? FABLE: HAAAAALLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!