It will be a battle of wills tonight at the Staples Center when the Lakers and Clippers square off one last time.

It's technically a "home" game for the Lakers on the shared court. The Clippers won last week 90-82.

Right now the Lakers are in 7th place in the Western Divsion with 4 games to play. They're 2 games up on the Warriors and 2 1/2 on the Clippers.

The Lakers have lost 4 of 5. A win tonight, and the Lakers are probably in the playoffs. A loss and the the race gets really tight.

Considering the Warriors haven't made the playoffs since the early 90's, it's most likely that they'll be the team on the outside looking in, but Kobe and the Lakers are going to have to step-up and win tonight if they don't want the pressure to build.

I say Kobe goes for 60 and the Lakers win by 3.