I just got back from Edmonton (...) after seeing Beyonce's first show kicking off her new tour I Am.... And I had a blast. Beyonce performed the hell out of over 40 songs or so it seemed. The show ran for about 2 1/2 hours and Im amazed, she is really talented. I never really followed any of the great divas in their prime, and Beyonce is my generations Tina Turner. The crowd consisted mainly of teenaged girls and gay men and it felt quite liberating NOT hiding the fact that I knew the words to every song and was dancing along. Normally Im not like that and I dont swoon over the likes of Britney. but anyways, the show is amazing I uploaded a video Im tired. I liked Edmonton but I wouldnt really call it a vacation destination. Check out Beyonce's show, you wont be disappointed. I think her tour kicks off in Europe and then returns back to the states this summer... its a great show.