New to Bottoming

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    Mar 28, 2009 5:56 AM GMT
    When i am bottoming should i 'push out' when the top is about to put his dick in me or should he just push in. Would pushing out open myself up more? Also should i breath out when he is thrusting in and breathe in when he is pulling out?
  • Nayro

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    Apr 01, 2009 10:49 AM GMT
    i was wondering too, i have no clue on what to do...
  • Timbales

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    Apr 01, 2009 11:33 AM GMT
    Get him to finger you a bit and suck you while he's doing it. If he's working a good two or three fingers in there while you are enjoying it, you should be relaxed enough when he enters you with his dick.

    It's really more about the state of mind, in my opinion. If you get too wrapped up in what you're supposed to do, you get all tense and it will hurt more. Or you'll clamp up and he won't be able to get in at all.

    The couple of times I've been someone's first top, I got them off with fingering and blow-jobs first so they could enjoy the feeling. It was pretty much smooth sailing after that.
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    Apr 01, 2009 11:33 AM GMT
    well thats gonna depend..

    if you are new, your gonna be mostly focused on how uncomfortable it is.. pushing back is for the experienced and ungawdly horny..

    At first, you'll need to focus more on trying to relax physically, you'll feel discomfort and start trying to clench the muscles in and around your anal area making pushing in for the top harder and making it even more uncomfortable for you, the most uncomfortable part for me was taking the head of a guys cock, once that was in the rest wasn't as painful.. mind you.. it wasn't a walk through a pretty field either..

    Relax and breath, the first few times are gonna be.... interesting... it gets easier though.. eventually as your arse becomes more used to the whole physical sensations and starts to become accustomed to the penetration of a penis it'll start getting easier and more enjoyable and thats when you can start pushing back..

    erm.. where is munchies, he can explain this all better then I can.. I can teach just not verbally umm heh
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    Apr 07, 2009 4:17 AM GMT
    I think pushing in and such is an advanced technique. When you first do it you need only remember two things
    1) relax
    2) tell the mother fucker what to do.

    On the second point. If it hurts, tell him. If it starts to feel good, tell him to do it more. If you need a minute, let him know. Tops can't be good tops without knowing how to read their bottoms. And if you are new at it, the signals are going to be all sorts of weird.

    But bottoming, like hang-gliding, baking, and macramé requires practice, practice, practice. Get yourself a few different sized dildos, some good lube, and impale yourself frequently. Learning what sort of anal stimulation gets you off is a sure way to know how to boss your tops around for your pleasure (toping from bellow, by the way, fucks with bossy tops and is super hot).
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    Apr 07, 2009 1:50 PM GMT
    As I am a bottom, don't think so much. If it feels good then your body will get into it. Remember as a bottom he is trying to please you too.

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    Apr 07, 2009 7:52 PM GMT
    For the first time, all cocks are going to seem really big. It's been many years, and many cocks ago that I had my first time with a guy, and I can remember it hurting a lot. He was really thick, so that didn't help matters much. I ended up making him stop because it hurt too much, and he wanted me to suck him off. I wasn't really in the mood to suck a lubed-up dick that was just in my ass, and was really more interested in what a pain in the ass (literally) sex was looking to be. So I stopped sucking his dick, and told him I wasn't really into it anymore. He looks at me and says "You don't want to fuck, don't like sucking dick. Are you even gay?"
    This pissed me off, and I felt really disrespected.
    I immediately opened his truck door and left the church parking lot. icon_wink.gif

    Hopefully your first bottoming experiences will be much better.

    Now when I conquer a huge cock, I like to start by sitting on it. This lets me go at my own pace, and I'm able to relax much more. Use tons of lube. The stuff is cheap, and it helps a ton! Don't use the desensitizing shit, as you want to know if it's hurting back there. If it's hurting a lot, you need to slow it down, relax more, and perhaps try more lube. No need to push out at first. Just start by slowly "bobbing" at the top of it, letting it creep in little by little. Sometimes guys tend to try and start humping from below, and that's the time to tell them "stop that"! Just take it slow, remember to breathe slowly and deeply, and make sure he doesn't go too fast for you.

    Happy fucking!
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    Apr 20, 2009 5:31 AM GMT
    Let me first let you know I'm a top and good at it one of the best. Now if your man is good like me he will get to know you by talking to you about what you like or dislike . But if it is your first time then he has to start with the finger and a lot of lube and if he like to lick like a good top do that's even better. Once he feel that you are opening up by pushing his fingers in deeper and faster with out you making funny faces or you telling him it hurt
    because once he hurt the ass he's done it will be harder to get it ready.But if the ass is still good then its time to put the head in . Now there is a technique that he has to do he has to rub the head on the crack slow and talk to you in a soft and sexxy voice then feel if the ass has open more once that happen then its ready for the head to go in. icon_rolleyes.gif Now he has to go slow and every time he go deeper he must tell you baby you feel so good this help you to relax and feel that you are doing good plus if you are in to him you will what more but that's the time he has to pull back a little so you can rest then he need to know you weak spots like your neck or nipples or even your ears or were ever you were turn on at the foreplay. Once you reach that Plato then the next step is to go all the way in then stop and grin the hole deep inside now if he has a big thick dick like mine then its your call if you what more or you can't take it once we get past that part then it time to hit that ass like a pro only know the key to love n a asshole like it should be love icon_twisted.gificon_lol.gif PS. At the end he should tell you to call him or tell you thanks.......icon_redface.gif When a bottom try to tell a top what to do for me its a turn off and the dick gets soft and I'm ready for you to go homeicon_mad.gif just drop-en a hinticon_eek.gif peace out from the Ced......