Last night, I was able to converse with a visitor in my sleep.

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    Mar 30, 2009 1:02 PM GMT
    Note: I am compelled to share this on this forum as I feel that this may have some significance to some RJ members directly or indirectly.

    Last night (or should I say early today?) I went to bed at past 2am, hoping that my tired eyes would land me straight to dreamland as I have to get up at 6am for work. I laid down sideways, facing the wall. Instantly, I felt a black entity attacking me from behind. Everything was black but since I'm used to it, I am more in control of my breathing and as much as possible do not resist by force.
    My defense lately was to smile and just vibrate positive thoughts --by just smiling and humming a happy tune --this confuses them all the time! The other night a real scary figure of a woman manifested on the side of my face (as if in direct contact to it) --now, this is the thing --I feel a new pair of eyes open soon as I close my eyes-- and the mix or should I say kaleidoscope of images are so vivid that they form a pattern that would shift to a face, a place or a palpable image. Anyway, I that night I sang "Loving You" and tried to hit the high notes which I couldn't and I ended up laughing at myself which eventually made me slip into a semi-awake mode since I actually heard and felt I was actually laughing, face muscles and all! And the thing with me is that I can actually TOUCH them when I'm semi-awake and most of the time they felt sharp, like holding the blade of a knife that just doesn't cut you!

    This dream last night, I sang "Hey Baby" by The Champange Flutes (from the Vol. 2 soundtrack of Sex & The City The Movie --haha!)... the funny thing about it is I do not know the whole lyrics and was just guessing as I sing until I shortcut my way to the chorus rather credibly. I sang this time in an attempt to look at his face. But I felt restrained. I felt that I was pressed against the wall, which is like a burned, swollen version of the actual wall since I lay a foot away from it. There is no smell that was noticeable as this was happening. The shadow entity was bigger than me --that I am so sure of! In fact all I could figure of him was similar to those famous human firgure artwork by Keith Haring (see below):
    What makes the whole thing "painful" was that my core seem to be centered on my nape that I could hear rapid vibrations similar to live electricity that you could hear and even see in the dark and sound of water, too!!! In my helplessness, I sing... and dig this --the dream suddenly became erotic... I felt so aroused by how he maneouvered his head against mine, I could still feel the rush down my spine --like when someone pets me with their tongue around my neck and nibble my ears... but the sensation was happening simultaneously. It was really rich and earthly and at the back of my head, I know it was the lure of the devil. So I breathed deeply and shifted out of the dream. I woke up feeling and hearing the sound of my heartbeat racing. The circulation in my earlobes was hyperactive!

    So I prayed for protection and guidance, at the same time trying to vibrate positive energy from within me (this takes practice to make it superiorly --that's the only word I could describe it). Yes, I do believe in God and always end up my prayer through His Son, Jesus Christ. My faith is as strong as my conviction that God is the Main Source.

    Then it was peaceful. Although I sort of tip-toed my way to my subconscious --deliberate slipping to sleep mode, I have never ever felt both my eyes open a new pair soon as I closed it. I felt that my faith was being challenged as I am not able to totally surrender with doubts and uneasyness still lingering my attempt to sleep peacefully.

    Then there was a call. It was a man in a fatigue uniform. I saw flashes of green, not bright, not dark, just green. It originates from the upper right side of my point of view and looks like a long pandan leaf. Anyway, this man was clearly a soldier in fatigue combat uniform, based on that silhouette of his figure standing BEHIND ME but I could see him without turning my head around. And I was in control, hence I was brave. Our initial conversation was a bit funny as I would not really understand what he is saying as if his audio was coming from a walkie-talkie/transistor radio static quality. So I would ask him to repeat what he's saying and he would also ask me to do the same. I needed to modulate my voice so I don't wake up and keep this man with me as I felt he was harmless and STILL ALIVE.

    There were so many points in our conversation that I feel my voice was audible in the room and that others may hear me-- even that I took into consideration since I was aware
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    Apr 03, 2009 9:22 AM GMT




    I STILL CRY RIGHT NOW...........
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    Apr 03, 2009 9:32 AM GMT

    So it was you...


    ...and the only significance was mine, all along.

    Thank you, soldier. This might just be the closure I needed. I'll see you again. I know I will. I just feeeeeeeeel it.