Rubber Bands, Glue, and Bailing Wire

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    Oct 26, 2007 6:09 AM GMT
    I have some serious problems with my rotator cuff of my left shoulder/arm.

    Because of repeated injuries (sports, military, professional, stupid) and surgeries there over the years the Docs don't want to operate again unless it is an absolute last resort. I already have enough hardware in my shoulder to open a damn store.

    icon_lol.gifMake no mistake, I have not been easy on my body, I have basically treated it like an amusement park up until recently. There isn’t a major bone in my body that hasn’t been broken at some point – sometimes several times. I have had more sports and professionally related injuries than I could possibly count. Some of my body parts are no longer in OEM condition. Still I've been damned lucky considering.

    I have about 80% mobility, and can manage general every day use as long as I don't put any pressure on it, or do any real weights with that arm. I am reduced to using those damn therapy bands for stretching and mobility exercises.

    I have had extensive rest periods for healing, and even more extensive physical therapy.

    Unfortunately I keep reinjuring it every time I try to 'over use' it.

    My gym routines have been off for the past couple of years, my Karate has suffered, I even have to be careful with my swimming. With the inherent limitations I have to work three times as hard on the rest of what I do just to maintain. Thank god for Tai Chi.

    Also consequently, without a 'real' workout, it has atrophied slightly in comparison to my right arm.

    It's becoming a real pain in the ass.

    I really do have the best Docs in New England and in the UK on my side; but they just don't want to operate again - at least not yet: and they say that even if they did the results might not make me happy.

    I am looking for a new approach.

    I don't expect you guys to be able to second guess the Docs; but I thought maybe someone here might have had a similar problem, or might have read about a new or different approach or therapy somewhere.

    Lets just call it casting a wide net hoping to catch something different...

    Thank you very much for all your help.

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    Oct 26, 2007 4:43 PM GMT
    Welcome to getting old. Some things, you just have to learn to compensate for, and get on with life.

    Some years ago, some nerves in my right arm simply died, and the muscles that they control atrophied. Even though I always train both sides with the same weight, the right side is smaller, and the grip is weaker. I noticed the other day, that when I get "pumped up" in front of the gym mirror, there are even fewer veins on that side.
    I hardly notice it any more, although I still sometimes drop things that my brain thinks I have a grip on.

    The main thing is that I make a point of never using that arm to support another person, and I use mechanical backup on some safety-critical tasks even when I know I can probably do something by muscle alone.
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    Oct 26, 2007 9:12 PM GMT
    I was all scheduled for cuff surgery and then I started going to a naturapathic massage person (besides the physical therapy) . The massage person "cleaned tissue", balanced/massaged muscles and worked on my "organ energy" . The doctors cancelled the surgery because everything mysteriously got better. The shoulder is better now then it was before I torn the cuff.