Sports Topic of The Day - NBA Playoffs Set.....Predictions???

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    Apr 19, 2007 6:56 PM GMT
    The NBA Playoffs are set. The matchups and my predictions below:

    Eastern Conference

    1.)Detroit Pistons(53-29) vs. 8.)Orlando Magic(40-42) - Pistons swept the regular season matchup 4-0. I'll give the Magic one win at home...Pistons 4-1

    2.)Cleveland Cavaliers(50-32) vs. 7.)Washington Wizards(41-41) - Cavs won regulars season 2-1, but the Wizards without Arenas and Butler are a shell of their former self....Cavs 4-0

    3.)Toronto Raptors(47-35) vs. 6.)New Jersey Nets(41-41) - Someone in the dreadful Atlantic Division had to get a winning record and the Raptors surprised everyone by being that team. Raptors are playing well, but the Nets are experienced. This will be a great series...Nets 4-3

    4.)Miami Heat(44-38) vs. 5.)Chicago Bulls(49-33) - The Bulls blew it by losing their final game to the Nets and falling to the 5th seed. The Heat have Wade back and home court and are the defending champs. This series will be a WAR and by best of all opening round matchups. As much as I love the Bulls...Heat 4-3

    Western Conference

    1.)Dallas Mavericks(67-15) vs. 8.)Golden State Warriors(42-40) - Nice to see the Warriors end a 13-year playoff drought and they surprising won the regular season series 3-0. Still, the NBA Playoffs are all about experience and Dallas has it all...Mavs 4-1

    2.)Phoenix Suns(61-21) vs. 7.)Los Angeles Lakers(42-40) - The Lakers are Kobe and that's not enough against a team with as many weapons as the Suns. Should be an entertaining series, but expect the Suns to pull away over-and-over again in the 4th quarter of these games...Suns 4-1

    3.)San Antonio Spurs(58-24) vs. 6.)Denver Nuggets(45-37) - Nuggets and Spurs have a great series two years ago and I expect the same this time out. The Nuggets have been on fire down the stretch and - 10-1 in April - and the combo of Iverson and Anthony has been a success. That being said, the Spurs have been even hotter and they have home-court and experience...Spurs 4-2

    4.)Utah Jazz(51-31) vs. 5.)Houston Rockets(52-30) - Utah won the regular season 3-1, but the Jazz has limped to the finish line the last couple weeks and the Rockets have looked great. I really like the combo of Yao/McGrady. I'll go with...Rockets 4-2

    Any thoughts????
  • RSportsguy

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    Apr 19, 2007 9:03 PM GMT
    I agree with almost everything you wrote except I feel that Toronto will beat the Nets in 6.
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    Apr 20, 2007 5:46 AM GMT
    i agree with most of that too, except i gotta back my bulls. it's a condition of citizenship in chicago.