This is a beautiful film about the ecological importance and magestic beauty of sharks. Though many people fear and hate sharks, that is all caused by the misadvertizations of their actions. Please take the time to set down and watch this behind the sceens look at a land mark movie.

Making of Sharkwater - Behind the Scenes

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Our actions, Our words, Our love can change the fate of these beautiful creatures. Threw awareness and education mabey people can relize that although they are the APEX preditor...they are not scary hidious monstars that we need to fear. They are an important keystone species in our planet's ecosystem and they are being irraticated from the face of the earth. The effects from the over harvesting and the utter ingorence of fishermen, and like parties, will reverberate threw the face of humanity. For those who dont know anything about Keystone Species, it is a species in the ecological structure that can not be removed. If it is eliminated the ecosystem is sent on a spiraling rampage out of control and eventually will end up killing it's self.

The ecosystem that the sharks affect is not local to any island...nor to any ocean... THE ECOSYSTEM THAT SHARKS AFFECT IS OUR GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM. Whether you want to believe it or not, you are affected by them. Now is the time to change.

~Please show your support in the fight against poaching of these magnificent animals and spread the knowledge of truth about these animals~