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    Nov 19, 2007 1:54 PM GMT
    As part of the final project for my geography of tourism class I'm doing an overview of Denmark as a tourism destination, specifically for gays and lesbians. Having never left the US my only resources have been from a few expat sites and a few books such as Frommer's guide to Denmark.

    Additionally the second part of this project is to find and discuss thoughts on the location from people who have visited the country.

    Just looking for any input, mainly from people who have visited the country as a tourist. Any residents as well would be greatly appreciated if you could provide any information! icon_razz.gif

    What I'm looking for is:

    - Basic info on why/what/where the the homo would visit Denmark, personal accounts of visits, etc!

    -Things to know, cultural norms a tourist might need to know, has tourism changed over the years, where do most tourists come from, How was the country responded to tourism?

    - What has the country done to try and appeal to tourist, especially relating to gays? What attractions appeal to gays?

    Thanks in advance if you can share anything! Leave me a PM if you have detailed info, I'll be using info sometimes as directly paraphrased or quoted from visitors, using just a name if don't mind. (Thats a big part, finding out where most visitors come from) Also if you know of any good resources, books/websites please tell!
  • GQjock

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    Nov 19, 2007 10:26 PM GMT
    I was just there in Aug..
    It's a very nice place to go
    Extremely clean
    a little on the expensive side but so is all of Europe right now
    There are the usual touristy things to do
    the churches...the Roundhouse tower and Tivoli Gardens
    but the most fun is the big shopping street... I think it's called the Stroebbing or something like that
    all the Danes come out when it's nice and walk along the street
    there are outdoor cafes and shops and it shouldn't be missed
    there are a few gay bars spread around but no real gay district gays are pretty well accepted there
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    Nov 25, 2007 8:35 PM GMT
    Like the most of Scandinavia most of gays are accepted there.

    Most tourists come from the other scandinavian countries, as well as Germany.

    And as GQjock said, being in Scandinavia it is an expensive country, not as expensive as it is here in Norway though. (but their government's not socialist either icon_rolleyes.gif ). In fact, many of the tourists that go to Denmark go there for the shopping. They're also very well known for their design.
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    Nov 25, 2007 9:34 PM GMT
    I visited Denmark many years ago with my family and other relatives. The highlight of the trip was the Lego theme park.

    A few points on Denmark:

    Denmark has joined the EU, which is part of the reason for Denmarks low prices relative to Noway, yet retains its national currency: the Danish Crown.

    Denmark is the home of Lego, and the Lego theme park is a pleasant attraction for families and for persons that fancy Lego or construction in general.

    The country is close to being completely flat and is at risk of eventually being consumed by the surrounding seas.

    Denmark is the fictional home of famous characters such as Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Anglo-Saxon Beowulf.

    Hans Christian Andersen, author of the children's stories such as The Little Mermaid and The Girl With The Matches, is Danish and lived in Denmark. There is a statue at one of Denmark's beaches that I believe is of the aforementioned mermaid (it has been previously vandalized, but I believe that it has been repaired).

    Denmark is part of the Schengen Agreement, a near-Europe-wide cooperative immigration alliance.

    Denmark offers same-gender / same-sex registered partnerships.

    Alas, I do not have my Spartacus guide on-hand. I recommend it as your basic gay tourist guide :-)