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    Dec 01, 2007 1:12 AM GMT
    We had a training at work this week, and the trainer's a state police. Late 30ish or mid 40, clean shaved, but a light shadow accompany a good clean look with short buzz cut. He's in good shape, and the uniform make him look outstanding. He wore heavy belt, and the gun belt on his thigh make him look important. And I can hardly take my eyes off his mild bulge in between, kept me wondering what police wear underneath. What I like the most is the way he talk and move; somewhat deep, authoritatively loud in a likable Irish American way. he's gestures is uninhibited and passionate. I melt a little every time he looks at me. And that manly glow...

    I consider that masculinity, I want to be like that. many masculine men I know are just movie or tv characters! I wonder if those heroes or hot A&F photo overshadowed our perspective of real life masculinity.
    How is your masculinity? Is masculinity defined by ascent of femininity? Does masculinity require maturity, good look and great body? Can one be masculine and still be friendly and approachable? Can they have a soft side? .....

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    Dec 01, 2007 5:13 AM GMT
    I've never been one for cops, it's hard to offset my predisposition towards them. I spent several years up in CT and I can say "my other car is a fire engine" with sincerity. By law, the firefighter is the top dog at -any- incident to which the fire department has been dispatched. Regardless of that, most cops-sheriff, statie, city.. strut around and try to run the show. What many might perceive as masculinity in cops, I see as an overly endowed ego and insecurity issue.

    What I see as masculine is a guy that gets dirty, bloody and sweaty, and tired, a guy that puts out as much as he can as long as he can without wimpering, no whining, no pissing and moaning. He keeps on going long after the fire has been put out and the reporters have left. Hours later he returns to the station and keeps going with cleaning the hose and repacking the engine. He's barely got any gumption left but if the tones go off he's ready to give it all again.

    It's a striking contrast with the first, a lack of conceit, ego, attitude.
  • liftordie

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    Dec 01, 2007 5:50 AM GMT
    well ebl what u have found is a real life ALPHA MALE. and can i say congrats. for recognizing one when u saw one. there is probably not one 'type' of male more attractive than that type. they just exude natural masculinity. from the way they stand and talk to the way they hold their bottle of beer. it is all MAN. period. they make my knees weak................
  • DrStorm

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    Dec 01, 2007 7:08 AM GMT
    Seriously, you guys make me laugh!
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    Dec 01, 2007 7:44 AM GMT
    for me real masculinity is a man who can walk down the street in a dress and high heels. Now that takes balls!

    I'm with DrStorm!
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    Dec 01, 2007 9:20 AM GMT
    what exactly is it that makes you laugh drstorm and nudewoody?icon_confused.gif
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    Dec 01, 2007 9:45 AM GMT
    My masculinity's intact, thanks, just a touch twisted and slightly sore; I've been sitting with my legs crossed for too long, that's all.

    Who are these often mentioned A&F guys anyway? I've never seen them in print, or tv, or billboards; where are you guys seeing those images so frequently that they are such a recurring reference and influence on notions of masculinity?
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    Dec 01, 2007 9:50 AM GMT
    Nudewoody is right drag queens in some ways are the toughest people I know. One of my rules on pride weekend is "never piss off a drag queen" they are usually 6 foot 2 and built like bricks**t houses!

    I have some very masculine traits such as the voice and the way I interact with people, but I am also non-violent, never been tempted to cheat on my partner and prefer "chick" flicks to action movies!
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    Dec 01, 2007 2:25 PM GMT
    Ditto Woody and Dr. Storm.

    There are many forms of masculinity. I've long found it weird that people who abhor being stereotyped are completely cool with stereotypes of masculinity. I used to think the '70s/'80s-style masculinity -- the SF clone and the uniformed Village People -- were ironic expressions. (I recall men who looked like lumberjacks pounding tambourines on dance floors everywhere.) Now, I'm not so sure there was any irony to it.

    Here's a manly man with a one-inch cock.

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    Dec 01, 2007 3:37 PM GMT
    i'm sorry for the misleading thoughts of my own. not that i'm equating masculinity to career or uniform. But it just happened that way to trigger my thought.

    I know that masculinity is not just the outer "performance", although it's the most obvious part. Masculinity is not muliebrity, although real men can still cross legs and cry and still be all men.
    I believe that being masculine can still enjoy the fun of dressing as drag, though to them it's more an character play then an inner desire. and real men can cry and admit weakness, cause it's only after he did his best and he's not faking his ability.

    Just that I know what masculinity is not. but not sure what it is. seem like a man should just be "real" to himself, but i know plenty of them do, just annoying. is masculinity a denial of femininity? hence is femininity a default when we are born?
    Can masculinity be learned? or is it born with? cause many dikes i know act more masculine then gays.
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    Dec 01, 2007 3:49 PM GMT
    A&F is big in US, and probably get all their model from cananda, so i think that's why you don't see them there. lol
    they sale cloth by showing skin, lots of men with nothing on but maybe jeans. I guess to show the possibility to visually dress them the way they should be. so a very successful, interactive way to advertise. lol

    though i believe a visual driven society like the one we have here, masculinity is downgrade to 2D with no personality. hence to put the 2 together in real life, we see all kinda weird "straight acting" men out there. anyone who think they are good looking, just add a little obnoxious catwalk attitude and that care for nothing je ne sai qua, and it's good to go.