Gays of our lives/the revelations.

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    Dec 06, 2007 10:05 AM GMT
    well i'm bored so i thought about writing about the soap opera like day i had
    it's a long post but please read because it get's very intresting
    so here goes

    befor going to work i had this HUGE fight with my father so he booked some tickets and left the country with some frieds to go fishing and ease his mind.
    on my way to work i couldn't remember what i said to my dad because i really lost it, so while i was trying to recall the events BAAAAAAAAM i had a car accident
    thank god only the body was a bit demaged
    i was so deprresed because this car is a graduation present dad bought for me last Feb.
    so i thought life is not worth living and i will turn to a priest because nothing is worth it anymore but that was only for few minuts then i returned to parade city icon_biggrin.gif
    so i thought what should i do to snap out of depression hmmmmm
    AHA come out of the closet, i don't know why but in my mind it made sense, to number 15 on my list , my younger brother
    so i had a ride with my brother and we were talking then he asked me why don't you have a girlfriend?
    i told him guess
    are you gay? he replied
    i told him NOOO do i look like a homo
    and after a brief silence i told him yes i'm queer gay homo fruite you name that's me
    then another awkward silent minuts i though oh my god i'll get my sister reaction all over again, she cried and we didn't talk for a week but she came around and now she want's to go to gay parade
    anyway after few minuts BAAAAAAAAAAAAAM another car accident
    no i'm just kidding no accident this time but the other BAAAM is to my mind because my brother told me i'm gay too
    well it's wasn't really a shock because i have always susspected that he is gay but what are the chances?
    and i wasn't relived because why does he have to share this with me? that's what makes me special icon_biggrin.gif
    and what's strange is that his partners name is the same as my partners
    what great parents we have they raised all there boys gay icon_biggrin.gif

    back to my talk with my brother
    so he asked me guess who's also gay?
    my father? i aswered him
    well i thought since we are both fruits i thought we might have had it from our father icon_biggrin.gif
    fuits don't fall far from the tree
    he told me it's our cosin whatever his name is
    well that is shocking to me because he makes straight men look gay and i never susspected that he's family icon_lol.gif

    so when i went home a told my sister guess who's also gay?
    our brother
    she said why is this happening to me i swear if you two settled with your guys befor i get merried i'll kill both of you and your partners.

    if you made it to here you deserve a medal
    but wait this eventfull day is yet to end
    there's more you say?
    i say yes there's more

    later i thought what the hell i'll come out to my super religious mother since she's one of the last persons in the dark about my sexuality

    so we were having our usual tea with a side of bitching and talking about other people then:

    me: mom i like girls not
    mom: whot?
    me: i have a boy friend
    mom: god this is the end
    me: our relation trancends the physical
    and our bond is far from fragile
    mom:but my son this is unsual and what your doing is
    somhow evil
    me:you should know it's not a choice
    mom:is that supposed to make me rejoice?
    me: and you should know it's not your mistake
    mom: your giving me such a heart ach.

    well we weren't talking in english and it wasn't like a musical but i just felt like typing that

    so here's what really happened

    me:mom i have a boy friend
    mom:but your not gay
    me:but i'm gay, do you want to me my partner?
    mom:no your not because if you were gay you wouldn't say you are gay because crazy people don't know they'r crazy
    me:mom are you listening to yourself
    mom:i'm trying to belive what i want
    then she said well atleast no women will ever snatch from me.
    then we went back to our chit chats
    she took it unbelivably well i thought she'll have a heart attack
    then as usual i played the piano befor going to bed woke up the next morning
    and here i am

    man that was long.

    ~das end~
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    Dec 06, 2007 10:48 PM GMT
    wow, don't know if it's a good thing but reading that made me feel better about myself haha
    and your bro being gay too, that's an oscar nomination right there for best drama
    your mum not going crazy, that's part two of your story
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    Dec 06, 2007 10:59 PM GMT
    errrrr... congratulations?... I think...

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    Dec 08, 2007 8:16 PM GMT
    thanks icon_biggrin.gif

    actually part two is already in full production.