All we put out there
is what we think is cute
Nothing real
because we hide from the truth
Argue all day
about if horses eat hay
We waste our lives
in every single way
Come original
do something new
Use our ideas
and follow through
We don't like
what we ain't seen before
Don't get down
just show 'em even more
We put each other down
because we aren't the same
But everybody's right
that's the game
Maybe it's a joke
but it's not so funny
Live our lives
wanting fame and money
The inside of the box
is massive in size
How do we make 'em step out
and realize
We've created a culture
of diversion and sculpture
We eat the rot
like a societal vulture
We blind ourselves
with vanity and greed
We don't even know
the things that we need.
There's a business for everything
wrong and broken
We consider communication
is merely a token
Was life before therapists
all that bad?
Friends and neighbors
isn't that what they had?
Medicated to death
but we don't do drugs
We spit propaganda
of the corporate thugs
What is at the floor
of the bottomless pit?
We've seen it before
it's just pain and regret
Grab the wall
climb above
We will see each other there
with brotherly love.
Life is a choice
Choose happy
Not only for yourself
but everyone that can be